Monday, October 20, 2008

Ahh... a Break - Finally!

So today begins my week-long fall break. Break being a bit of a misnomer. Let's just say if someone is getting a break - it's probably not me.

Let's peruse my list of things to do:

  • Write Relationship and Sexuality Paper - 6 Pages
  • Write Persuasive Speech Manuscript and Explanation - 5-7 pages
  • Research and Write Senior Comprehensive Paper - 30ish pages
  • Complete Sales & Professional Selling Test - 5 essay questions
  • 'Scrapbook' 30 Clipboards for my charity group's executive board.
  • Set up a Google document folder for said charity group's laundry list of files that I have.
  • Umm... and other stuff I can't remember yet...
Anyways, I'm definitely going to catch up on Project Runway, and The Starter Wife with all my break time. Any other must-dos I'm forgetting??

Here's to a restful week - sorta!
Happy Monday!


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