Friday, September 26, 2008

I Kept the Secret! / They're Engaged

Well, I did it. I actually kept my mouth shut.

Alice had NO clue what was going on leading up to her engagement. I activated my texting-tree of contacts and spread the word around campus like wildfire. We all arrived way early and the surprise went off without a hitch.

Both Alice and Jack cried - I was so happy for them!!

The ring is beautiful - perfect, flawless. It is actually Jack's grandmothers, which I didn't know until this morning.

I love the fact that Alice sprinted to the engagement from a chemistry lab - her professor had told her there was an emergency with one of her friends and she needed to come right away. I love that she was wearing her dorky watch and completely unprepared for any sort of romance. I am so lucky I got to be a part of the surprise of her engagement. I feel like I was let onto a most beautiful secret.

Alice and I share the same birthday (and we look a lot alike, and we have a lot of similar family stuff... it's actually kinda freaky), so I can't help but feel like I'm the washed-up old maid twin who's never going to get engaged. I asked C last night if we were any closer to being engaged, and he pretty much broke my heart.

We have been thisclose to getting engaged for at least a year or more now. And it hit me last night: he's just not ready - and I don't know if he'll ever be. We have shared so much and gone through so much, but I just don't think he thinks I'm the girl for him - end of story. As of now, we're still together - but I'm starting to lose hope that this will actually ever go anywhere.

Well, this was supposed to be a post about how excited I am for Alice - and I am, I'm thrilled! I guess times like these just bring out the bittersweet...

Happy Friday!


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Mrs. Newlywed said...

Don't get down on yourself. You are still in college. A lot of people wait until post-graduation to get engaged and settle down. I think most guys feel better that way knowing they have a job and a place to live.

If you are certain you aren't for him then you need to let him know. However, Mr. Newlywed never would have proposed in college...never. I just think a lot of guys are like that.

Mrs. Forever said...

Mr. Forever would also never propose in college. He didn't want his parents buying my ring (and he didn't want his grandmothers ring to be my engagement ring - although it is mine now!) he really felt that it was important that be able to afford the ring with no help. He wanted to be able to give me the perfect honeymoon with no help. And most importantly, he wanted to feel like he could support us before we were married.

Don't give up hope!

Good N Crazy said...

Hey there....I know...I've been absent for a while! Crazy with business kids and crap, ya know?

And... um I HAVE that same COOL watch thank you very much!

cool that you were in on all this, how fun.

I'm only sort of sad about the boyfriend though, ya know? If he doesn't get off the pot...then his loss. Course, I'm not there in the middle of it now am I? Keep me posted.

Glad to be baaack!

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