Monday, September 29, 2008

How Many Ways Monday

It is Monday. 4 pm my time... and I am wondering, "in how many ways can I be pulled today?"

1. Have Senior Portrait taken. What should I wear? Curled hair or straight? Black shirt or colored? Gray? No, the background is gray - not gray. And on and on and on. (Note: Yes, I know I'm vain.)
2. Set up a new bank account for my charity organization. What we really need is a bank who would be willing to count our change with a coin machine. Do you have one I can borrow??
3. Need to set up a candy/candle/cheese fundraiser for said charity.
4. Need to do homework. Haven't cracked a book since Thursday. Crap. School!!
5. Remember when I promised to put up photos of my room on Monday, August 21st? Yeah, that was over a month ago. And it's not that I'm too lazy to post photos - my room isn't finished. BUT, on a positive note, I made progress in that direction this weekend. I'm hoping to have it done by next Monday. Baby steps, people.
6. Celebrate one of my good friend's birthday. She is not geographically close to me, so this is proving to be difficult.
7. Create a video slideshow of my charity's third year and upload it to YouTube. 8. Recruit a student who would be willing to be a webmaster for said charity.

Ok, I've gotta stop here. There's just too much going on - I'm just too frazzled. Hopefully tomorrow will be better (I know it will, I know it!).

Have a Happy Monday!!


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