Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Internet, I am Spewing a BIG Secret To YOU / Shh! Don't Tell

Yesterday afternoon, I was calmly checking my e-mail when one of my good friend's boyfriend's name pops up in my e-mail. (He graduated last year and is working in Southern Indiana.)

Weird, I think.

I read the e-mail:
I could really use your help with a surprise for Alice. Do you think you could give me a call sometime tonight? My number is xxx-xxxx. Thanks so much!

Weird, I think. I wonder if he's going to propose. Nah, he wouldn't contact me if that were the case. Somebody else, someone better.

Then I realize I'm late for class and vow to call him as soon as it ends.

So I sit through class, counting the minutes until I can talk to him. Several times I want to start asking my friends what they think he wants. I seriously can't believe I kept my mouth shut for 2 hours with all these thoughts in my head. {Pats self on back.}

Well, am I ever glad that I did!!

I called him and we chit-chatted... the whole time I was thinking "JUST GET ON WITH IT!!" Finally, he says:

"Sarah, I'm going to propose to Alice tomorrow - and you are the ONLY person who knows."

My brain says: "Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit!!!"

He says: "Are you there?"

I say: "Mhmmph... uh uh just trying to catch my breath. Yes I heard you. CONGRATULATIONS!!"

So today at 1 pm, Alice will be heading to class. At this time, I am authorized to send out a mass text message alerting all of her closest friends of the situation. We are going to gather in a certain location for a party before he pops the question... and then he will pop it, she'll say yes, and they will arrive at the surprise party.

HOLY CRAP, right? The weight of it all is crushing my small lungs, I tell you. So, yeah. I guess I'm skipping some class today - all in the name of love, I say.

It is going to be such a good Thursday - I can just tell!!


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Awwww... how sweet...

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