Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hey Dane Cook, Think You Could Drop the F-Word and Come Up With Something Really Original?

This weekend, I saw this movie. My Best Friend's Girl.

This is the trailer.

Seems cute.

The movie - not so great. Dane Cook said the f-word about a billion times. He referred to oral sex about another million times. I think almost everyone in the theatre was uncomfortable. It was just... bad. It redeemed itself (sort-of) in the end... but it just wasn't great.

It was awkward. Ick. So, if I could give you some advice this week... don't go see this movie.


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Mrs. Forever said...

Oh wow -- doesn't sound like much fun!

Check out my blog - I tagged you!

Anonymous said...

For the record... I've never thought Dane Cook was anywhere in the same area code as funny...

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