Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tales from the Road

So everybody knows that I drove back to school on Sunday, right? Ok.

What you might not know is that I stuffed as many of my posessions as I could into my Volkswagen Jetta and it was hil-ar-ious.

I had planned (for blogging purposes!) to take before and after pictures of my car - but I completely forgot. So I got this brilliant idea...

I took this photo WHILE I WAS DRIVING. I swear I am not normally a dangerous driver (I'm usually really cautious!) - I have no clue what I was thinking. Fortunately, I was actually looking at the road while I was taking the photo. The sungleasses keep my secrets, you know... This photo is a photo of my co-pilot. A red suitcase, a bottle of Wishbone Italian salad dressing (I really have no clue what I was thinking), my purse, a lamp, and a laundry basket full of God-knows-what. This is a photo of what I could see from my rear view mirror (yes, I also took this photo while driving). In a word: nothing. (I could see perfectly from my side mirrors, I pinky-promise!!) So: I am here (in one piece) and I promise that I will have pictures of a decorated apartment soon. So far... well I haven't gotten that far yet!


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Laurie said...

You did cram a lot into that car!!! I am glad you arrived safe... that is all that matters.

Keep It Classy, Jen said...

YAY!! VW Jetta my car...I didn't know it could hold so many thing though! What amazing cars we have!

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