Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quote of the Week

Today's quote of the week is by Denae Ball (don't ask me who that is - I googled... found nothing. So all I know is that when I wrote down this quote, that's who said it):

"When life seems to be looking down on you, all you can do is look up at it, smile, wink, and laugh heartily. You never know, life probably has a sense of humor."

So, today, in a fit of 'getting stuff done,' I decided to call into the doctor to get an appointment to have my sore ankle looked at. Here's how the call went:
Nurse: Well, can you make it in at 11:30?
Me: What time is it? (In my mind: Crap, 10:40... I haven't even changed out of my sweatpants today, and the damn place is 20 minutes away... crap crap crap).
Me: Sure, I can be there.

So I make it to the doctor and, surprise, it isn't my ankle at all - it's my knee that's giving me trouble. They believe I may have a torn meniscus.

Which, considering I stand on my feet at work and have about a month before vacation and a week after that I have to move back to school, is just great. I have plenty of time to recuperate from surgery.

Anyways, I have an MRI on Wednesday to confirm/deny that this is the problem... we shall see. Until then, I'll just maintain that life has a sense of humor.. haha.


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Good & Crazy said...

I sure don't wish surgery on anyone...but if it makes it better?? It's the recovery time that's awful, not the actual surgery though, good luck!

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