Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday Favorite: The Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!!

So, how is this a 'Friday Favorite?' Well, the fourth of July is my FAVORITE holiday. I love the food, the fireworks, and all the fun!!

So Happy Fourth of July - take a little time to enjoy the fireworks!!

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Good & Crazy said...

Christmas is still winning at our house, but the 4th is a close second. I always love Thanksgiving, but it's so much work! The 4th is calm, and family friendly!

Peter Dyrholm said...

Happy 4th to you too :-)

Did you get the photo? it's very good :-)

As much as I like different celebrations each for their own special thing. The part I enjoy the most is that I get to spend it with family. Sure there are many good things coming with each celebration. But just spending time with family... that's the best part of it all.

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