Tuesday, April 15, 2008

To Do

So I have started to write a giant to-do list. I thought this would be a good idea... now, not so much.

Some list hilights:
-50 Thank You Cards
-Send packege to cousin's new baby
-Answer approximately 15 e-mails
-Plan surprise 21st birthday
-Get over debilitating cold (seriously, I don't think I've ever felt this sick)
-Unpack suitcase from weekend at home
-Wash sheets, blankets, robe
-Pick up clothes off floor
-Find a place for the giant cardboard box that I keep tripping over... or better yet, unpack it and make everything find a home.
-Clean out my 'products.' (I am a product-whore. I love trying new lotions, makeup, anything really... bad habit)
-Dust my room, the TV is white with dust. Sick.
-Empty pictures off camera.
-Purge closet of no-longer-used-clothing. There's a lot in there.

Ok, that's not even most of the list. There's more. But I must stop or I might drown in that list. Yikes.

wish me luck.


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