Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Hobby 2014: Apple Orchards

About a month ago, Mr. RH and I were with his family when we made a spontaneous trip to the local apple orchard.  We bought lots of random, fun goodies - and I knew I was on a dangerous path.  I literally couldn't live one more day without a flippin cup of honeycrisp apple cider every hour on the hour.

Damn, I wish this picture was better.

Anyway, as we drove home, I immediately texted both BFF's with babies and told them we needed to make immediate plans to get to an orchard.

Plans were set and we were off with two tiny princesses in tow.

Princess #1 - my #BFFbaby who apparently doesn't have a name on my blog, except #BFFbaby.  It was so much easier when there was only ONE BFF baby, but now that there are two... I mean... #BFFbaby2 doesn't really have a great ring to it...

Princess #2 - Miss Maeven, the tiny peanut of the group.

Anyway, I loaded Miss Maeven into her carseat and she immediately gave me a big smile.  We had a 30-minute drive to the orchard, so I took this as a GREAT sign.  She was excited, we were going to have a great day!!

I mostly missed her smile with my camera... but trust me, she was happy!

We arrived at the orchard and were immediately assaulted by... bees!  Definitely not what we had planned for, but we improvised.

We found a random apple crate in the parking lot, ducked ourselves under a giant apple tree... and, well, #BFFbaby really worked it. 

You guys, I love all my friends babies with the fire of a thousand burning suns... but this cheese is literally too much to handle.

Her mom claims she learned all her cheese from me... and truthfully, I can't dispute that claim. 

That tongue kills me dead!!

On the other hand... #MissMaeven got like .24% of a nap in the car, which wasn't exactly her favorite thing ever.

And it might make me a bad aunt that I was like... well, sorry Maeven, we take what we can get around here even if that means a screaming baby.

Luckily, she had some cute buns on so that we could ignore her screaming face and focus on the cute butt.   And it was a really cute, pumpkin-y butt.

Don't tell me it makes me a bad aunt that I let her scream her head off for bursts so we could take a few photos.  Girl needs to learn how to act right in a picture or she's in for a world of pain with Aunt Sarah.  #poorbaby

Someday we will use these photos as proof that diva/sassy personality traits emerge early in the first year of life.

Until then, we can just use them to remember a lovely trip to the apple orchard.  Screaming baby and all.

Why oh why doesn't fall last forever?!  

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DetroitDuchess said...

#BFFBaby is killing it in those pictures! So much cuteness!

Meg @ write meg! said...

So cute -- even the screaming ones! Can't wait 'til I have kids to prop up at pumpkin patches and orchards. :) I'm going to be all over that mess, for sure!

Jeanie said...

What darling babies! I want to hold them so bad.

brham13silva said...

How cute!! I am in love with these cute babies! I also have a little daughter. Last week I hired a Port Macquarie Photographer for clicking her photographs. He did wonderful job. I just loved all the photographs of my daughter.

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