Saturday, June 21, 2014

#SBwed: Month 9

  • Son of a monkey, this month went too dang fast.  Which is good and bad, I guess?  I'm starting to feel guilty because we have been SO terrible at documenting the days and months making up our first year of marriage.  The days are short, the years are long, and I don't have really any pictures of either.  #BloggerFail  
  • Mr. RH turned 25, once again reminding me that I robbed the cradle.  The next few months before my birthday in October are my favorite - because we are closer in age so therefore I feel young.  Right.  Exactly.  
  •  Eating a rainbow birthday cake like it's my job.

  •  The onset of warmer weather has brought the onset of hotter tempers in our house.  For about a week after it got warm, I think we argued about everything from how high the air conditioner should be cranked, what time each of us individually should be going to bed, what we were eating for any given meal... and on and on!  Luckily, our tempers seem to have adjusted to the warmer temps.  

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Meg @ write meg! said...

Ah, the thermostat struggle -- the bane of married folks everywhere! We "argue" (read: passive-aggressively adjust) the temperature on each other constantly, but I think the increased bills are bringing us in agreement on roughly 73 degrees. I'll deal.

Sonya said...

Your age difference isn't that bad. I will be 35 next month and my husband will be 31 in October:)

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