Monday, April 7, 2014

Wedding Photos: Last Dance

So, I'm just gonna wrap up the official wedding posts like I haven't been taking week-long breaks from this blog.  Sorry, blog.  I'm really, terribly boring at the moment.  SO boring.

One of the very sweetest things I stumbled upon during wedding planning as the new (to me) idea about having a "last dance" after the guests left the reception.  I loved the idea of recapping a super-fun, exhausting, exhilarating, and amazing day in a special way - just the two of us.

Of course, things didn't go exactly as planned.  We were supposed to have about 4 minutes while the sparkler exit was prepared, but of course someone (cough a man cough) decided to take matters into his own hands and light the sparklers and basically start our "get out" timer early.

So we did a little getaway, drove around the block to wait while our guests filtered out... and then drove back to our reception and had the last dance.  I think that's how it happened.  I'm not even sure I remember perfectly!


Anyway, the lights were on so the pictures are a lot clearer of our faces than the first dance pictures.

Oh, the mysterious scratch on my back.  Where in the heck did it come from?!

This is probably one of my favorite pics of the whole day.  Love the chandelier.  Not sure it's really even that flattering of us, I just like it, ok?

I can feel how exhausted I am in this pic.  Cameo of my giant arm bruise.  UGH!

Whispering sweet nothings.  Probably telling me to chill out for the thousandth time.

And that is officially IT for the professional wedding photos.  Although..... there are a few by family members that might have to be shown.  We shall see.

Sorry in advance.

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