Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#SBwed: Month 4

Month 4.  How is that even possible?!

If I could describe the fourth month of marriage in one word it would be.... so-much-fighting.  So much laughing, and SO MUCH fighting.

It may be the fact that we had 30 inches of snow this month (not kidding), or it may be the fact that it's been below zero at least 5 days this month.  Soo much cabin fever. 


  • FINALLY saw The Hunger Games (together) on New Year's Eve - one of the last days it was in our local theater.  Cutting it close!
  • Stole the husband's car and discovered that he has a remote starter in his car.  Negotiated to trade my Jetta for the cozy, warm car - but he declined.  Jerk!
  • Got snowed in during a blizzard.  Cleaned off our cars multiple times in a day, and let the husband tackle the snow mountain when it was it got below zero.
  • Slowly paying off schooling and debts from before marriage and seeing major (minor?) progress.  SO adult and so boring, but oddly satisfying. 
  • Celebrating Christmas with both families.  
  • Doing lots and lots of cooking while snowed in and eating our feelings in delicious carbohydrates.  Breaking in new pots and pans and kitchen gadgets in the process.
  • Finally starting to decorate our apartment - and that means there are things on the wall!
  • The temperature got above freezing last week and on a rare Sunday off together, we took a walk and got to talk about these crazy four months.  Priceless.
  • Walking in from work last last night after a loooong six-day stretch to find that my sweet, darling husband had cleaned out his (giant!) closet to make room for some of my wardrobe hoarding.  Such an unexpected surprise - I almost choke up just thinking about it.  I think this man has figured out my love language (closet space).  (crap hoarding) (am I crazy?)  (yes)
  • Getting my car stuck in a snow drift after being snowed in for 3 days at home.  First day back to work, and the (smoking!) jerk downstairs stole my spot.  And my sanity.
  • Time is really flying.  I think we've become so much less intentional with our time, now that we don't have every single weekend of our time booked (like I did last year).  Maybe I need to start planning things out a little more.  Sigh. 
Now, if I could just slow time down for the next two months.  I can't believe we're almost to half a dang year married.  Seriously, where does the time go?!  

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Kelly B. said...

Look at that perfect shiny pan. #swoon

mangovino said...

Time really is flying! We've been snuggled up at home lately and I've been a baking machine. Spring better get here fast before I gain 50lbs!!! The only thing we've been fighting about is that we have a messy house thanks to having two households crammed into one. And I'm a crap hoarder too...

Meg @ write meg! said...

So interesting what you say about intentional time, Sarah -- I feel the same way. Since 2013 was a year of chaotic wedding planning, moving, emotional disturbances (ha), etc., I had almost every second of our "free time" booked from beginning to end.

And now? Now we're married and settled and breaking in our pots and pans, too, and I feel so relaxed -- but also much less productive. Time is definitely flying, and I want to find a way to maximize our weekends! I think we're going to start planning an excursion on either Saturday or Sunday, then using the other day to catch up around the house. :) We'll see how that goes!

Happy four months!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

A blizzard can make anyone go crazy and start fighting. I love those button letters!

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