Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Here We Go!

I'm not sure who exactly thought it was a good idea to work the past 5 days....  CERTAINLY not me.

I keep getting a LOT of advice telling me to "just relax" and "what's done is done...." and it doesn't feel like it at ALL.  There are some things that will literally not happen if I don't make them happen.  Poor Mr. RH has to work today, but I'm finally free to go go go go go on 24/7 wedding mode. 

Unfortunately, the only people I have to help are my dad and brother - I predict at least one screaming fight will happen before noon today.  Because wedding planning brings out the asshole in most men.  (In my experience...)

  • Wedding Jewelry - Etsy seller had to remake them.... they're supposed to arrive tomorrow.
  • Guest Book - still haven't decided on anything
  • Flower Girl Dresses - the longest one is being hemmed.
  • Toasting Flutes... halfway finished DIY here.
  • Assemble Bridesmaids Gifts
  • Need Jacket (Shrug? Cardigan?) for Rehearsal - ordered 11 and none of them work.  Dress looks bad without coverage up top.
  • Borrow MOH's Cake Stand and Server
  • Cards for Parents
  • Rehearsal Dinner Activities/Game/Speeches
  • Hair Trial - today!
  • Thursday - pick up wedding dress
  • Friday - Pack up Centerpieces and deliver to venue
  • Photo Wish-List for Photographer
  • Bridal Party Transportation from Wedding to Reception - need to coordinate how many cars/what cars/etc
  • Bridal Emergency Kit – put it together. 
  • Pick up Lace Bolero at Alterations - Friday
  • Confirm Rehearsal with Bridal Party
  • Find someone who can verify reception setup - it won't be done until after the ceremony starts.
  • Wedding Day Itinerary and Schedule (for family and bridal party)
  • Find Ceremony Readers, Gift Bearers
  • Confirm Ceremony Musicians, Music - I think this is done. 
  • Ceremony Programs - haven't even started
  • Candy Bar – find labels for jars, decorate
  • Seating Chart, Escort Cards
  • Kid-Friendly Reception Entertainment
  • Coordinate who will be responsible for gifts after wedding
  • Tips and Thank You Notes for Vendors
  • Arrange for Tuxes to be Returned Sunday
I'm not positive if this is do-able or not.  Or if I'll make it the next 2 days.  I have gone from panic to calm and back again at least 34 times since 6 am.

Send good vibes!

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Claudz said...

Good luck!!

Aly said...

You're so close!! You can do it!

Caitlin said...

You can do it!!!!!! Grab a super large coffee and tackle the list with some happy music! It's almost here :D

Amanda said...

You've got this!
Take a deep breath and go. When you feel a disagreement about to start, take a drink of water or coffee and walk away for a moment...
Crunch time is HARD. Everything may not be perfect but the important stuff will be and the only one who will know or remember that everything else was not perfect is you. PROMISE
Prayers for a successful crunch time, beautiful wedding and love filled marriage.

Meg @ write meg! said...

I've been thinking about you all week, especially since we're in the final countdown for my sister -- and stuff has been getting INTERESTING. (And by "interesting," I mean slightly insane.)

As far as kid-friendly entertainment goes, I'm going to download and print these coloring and activity books from an Etsy seller. If you ordered them today, you should be able to have them all set for Saturday! I bought a bunch of packs of crayons at Walmart, and we'll be pulling out various colors to make little sets of them with ribbon from Michael's (or whatever you have handy). I'm just plunking 'em down on the tables and letting the kids go for it.

If you get desperate about the guestbook, Michael's and AC Moore sell many that are cute and affordable. I've even seen a bunch at HomeGoods.

Sending lots of good vibes your way! Not sure if I can do anything remotely here in Maryland, but let me know. :)

Tess said...

Shit, this just made me relieve the week before MY wedding.

Emotions and energy are high, so freakouts are totally normal. I'm pretty sure I had to take a xanex by noon on the Wednesday before my big day.

It really is going to be all worth it. I cannot wait to see how FREAKING stunning you are going to look.


mangovino said...

Kids will be dancing and running around so they really don't need much entertainment. Maybe some bubbles and those glow in the dark necklaces? Have the guys figure out the transportation and cart stuff to the hall - they'll be perfect for that! Do the candy jars REALLY need labels? And I'm contemplating not doing programs just to get it off MY list...

Rosalita said...

Hang in there! "Perfect" is only in your own mind-- no one else is going to be noticing anyone but you and your groom. And they are definitely not going to be judging anything either-- aren't these people, your guests, all loved ones?? They are there to share your day and rejoice *with* you! Sending hugs to you, even if I don't know you-- so imagine how much love will actually be in the rooms; that's the important part...

The Suburban H.I.T. said...

All I can say, is that regardless of what happens and doesn't happen that you planned, it will still be the AMAZING. And no one will ever know that the cocktail weenies were supposed to come out first but you. Trust me. Just smile and try to enjoy your wedding. It's over before you know it :) Congrats!!!

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