Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Randomness from the Trenches

I actually DO have something coherent to say.... but I lack the brain power to really get it out here.  Today, you get bullet points.

  • Thank you for all the kind words over the past few days.  My grandma's funeral was beautiful, and a really fitting tribute to a tiny powerhouse of a lady.  I've taken much comfort from all your condolences, but also from the fact that she's been reunited with my grandpa - and mom.  And somehow, that makes it a little less painful. 
  • The church where the funeral was held is SO beautiful.  Blessed Sacrament Church in Springfield, Illinois.  It's where my parents got married.  
  • The absolute WORST part of funerals is the very end.  Rolling the casket away, knowing that everything's over and everyone is just expected to pack up and go home.  I felt like I kept myself pretty composed, but I was a mess walking out of the church.  Even though we went on to the cemetery afterwards.  
  • I ate like I weighed 300 pounds for the past two days, and it was glorious.  Not looking forward to coming back to reality today.  Spinach salad, anyone?  Blah!
  • I left my pillow at a hotel in Springfield, Illinois.  I had been searching for its replacement for almost 2 years - and had been failing miserably.  I realize they could probably ship it to me, but I'm using this as excuse to buy some pillows off my registry.  
  • Speaking of which, my shower is in less than 2 weeks.  We get the keys to our new apartment a couple of days before.  I'm not busy or anything.
  • It's not a trip to Springfield, Illinois without Sno-Bizz in the summer.  This place is 2 blocks from the house my grandparents raised their 9 kids in.... so, naturally, it required a return trip.  For the memories.  
  • I can't tell if it's my cry-face in the photo above... or if I'm blinking.  Or winking.  Or maybe I've developed a wonky eye?  Hard to tell.
  •  Work is really stressing me out.  I commend people who live with high levels of stress on a daily basis.  You are ROCKSTARS and I am not one of you.
  • I need something that makes me feel beautiful to wear to my bridal shower.
  • I need to stop spending money.  Hahahahahaha, I know, right?
I think this post needs to end before it just devolves into goodness-knows-what.  Maybe I'll have something coherent to say tomorrow?


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Busy Boy said...

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Meg @ write meg! said...

The church looks absolutely gorgeous, and still sending lots of hugs your way.

You certainly are busy... and it's funny how much our lives parallel each other! My sister just got the keys to her new apartment last week, and we helped move her fiance in over the weekend. She's slowly bringing things over (just like me!) and things are definitely becoming "real" now. We have our joint shower on Saturday, and I'm excited and also... nervous?

Tess said...

Focus on the shower and new apartment - those are HUGE and majorly fun moments in your life. You are doing great mama!!!!

And is it weird to say that I thought you looked stunning with the wonky eye/at your Grandma's funeral?

Cause ya did.

Sarah said...

Sending hugs, thoughts and prayers your way!

The church looks absolutely beautiful! :)

Keep your head up you have many things to look forward to! :)

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Such a crazy time for you! Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.

mangovino said...

So sorry about your Grandma. It's always hard to lose someone we love. Hopefully the shower and moving and wedding will keep you busy and distracted. ((hugs))

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