Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Invitations

So, it has come to my attention that I'm probably a wee bit behind on the whole wedding invitations thing.  At this point, everything seems pretty overwhelming - so the simpler the better.

Enter Wedding Paper Divas... the place where I ordered my Save-the-Dates.

Having received a couple of wedding invitations semi-recently, I was struck at how bland that some of them looked.  And so, of course, I may have gone off the deep end with color. 

I decided to order "samples" of a few styles I liked.

And then I took some supa-janky pics of them on my dirty kitchen tables so I could show you the goods.


So the first set.... it was just a bit bland to me.  Pretty, elegant.  But a wee bit bland.

Then I tried to run with our wedding colors - namely, the blue.  I like them both, but they just felt ok...

And then there's me going crazy.  I really like the red one on the left... but it may be a bit more Bollywood than my wedding is actually going to be.  By about 100%.


And then there's the last two... and my heart is definitely stuck on these two.  One of them is probably better-suited to my style, but I'm equally obsessed with the other one. 

Le sigh.  Decisions are for the birds.

Being pre-engaged was much more fun, let me tell you.

If we can fast-forward to the day the invites are sent out.... sounds good to me!

Any thoughts on invitations?  Like, love, hate?

FYI: This post wasn't solicited or sponsored in any way.

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Andie said...

things are so much different from when I got married. back in my day, we got plain ole ivory invites with raised, embossed print. super classic. and you know what, in retrospect, the only thing I would do different now would be to add a fleur de lis or ribbon to the embossing.

I like the top blue one you posted, though. Pretty!

K said...

I'm such an invitation snob. I'll admit it. I think that your invitations are the first thing (other than the save the dates) that show the theme or "feel" of your wedding. When people throw together this gross ones I think it is just laziness. I got one in the mail and the ink had bled almost bad enough that you couldn't read the writing. I was like, "WHY?!?!". That being said, those are ALL gorgeous!

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

haha this was so me when I was planning my wedding. I ended up ordering mine on Etsy and had them custom made. Unfortunately, the owner of that shop has been "on vacation" for a very long time but there are so many beautiful ones on Etsy that you can have customized. Good luck!

Jeanie said...

I like #2 and the last one.

Ashley said...

Checkout my friend Maddie's company, Puddleduck Paper Co. She does GREAT work and I've used her for tons of party invitations. One of her save the dates just got picked up by!

Meg @ write meg! said...

The last two are definitely my favorite! I was really happy with my order from WPD -- and I kind of wish I'd seen that final design myself, haha! Just as another random thought, what if you made the lace on the final invitation red or blue? That would be another option to incorporate your color scheme... though I love the gold/silver as-is, too!

Jenny248 said...

I like #2 the best. But, for reference, my invitations are SUPER classic/simple: all script and ecru. I agree with the other commenter who said the invitation really sets the stage for the wedding!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I love the blue paisley and it matches your colors! But the last one on the right, with the purply doodles is GORGEOUS and reminds me of you.

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