Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Long-Awaited ASOS Order

So, ASOS.  I've seen and heard of the site around before, but I didn't pay too too much attention.  After my last batch of potential engagement picture dresses bombed, I decided measures needed to be taken.  Lo and behold, ASOS was having some Memorial Day promos and I decided to hop on the wagon.

Of course, it was a fantastic sale and I waited a few days before I checked the status of my order.  And it said "Order Cancelled."  WTF.

Come to find out, my credit card company had cancelled the order due to suspicious activity.  Do they even KNOW me?!

Fortunately, ASOS gave me a new promo code (love their customer service!) and I was able to re-submit... but unfortunately, due to the awesome promo, a lot of the sizes I needed were sold out.  Darn it.

I really can't decide what I think of half the dresses.  This is why we don't give ourselves a month of harsh scrutiny to prep for engagement photos.  I would probably have done better with 48 hours notice, done.

And now, the dresses.  I added sizes and prices for reference. 

First up, the ASOS Midi Body-Conscious Dress With Deep V Neck- Black, US8 $27.

 This dress doesn't do much for your body - the body has to do a lot of the work.  Surprisingly though, and maybe it's because of the color, it kinda works.   I even threw it on with the jacket of my obsession and I kind of love it.

Basically all of the dresses I ordered were "midi" length, and it's just slightly too long on me.  I would probably have any of them hemmed a couple inches shorter for maximum awesomeness. 

Next up, ASOS Midi Dress In Animal Print- Print US 8, $61.

Unlike some of the other size 8's I was poured into... this bad boy was huge.  And had a cutout at the back that I didn't realize.  NEXT.

Next up, ASOS Midi Dress in Lace, Blue US 8, $41.

This was the one I was probably most looking forward to.... and it sold out in the 10 I was going to order.  I squeezed into the 8, but barely.

Looking at it again, I actually don't hate the way it looks... but boy was it a circus trying to get in and out of it.  It's not even available online anymore... the one that got away.

The next one is quite a bit more casual than the others - we are actually having pictures taken in a downtown/urban-ish setting, and then some taken out in nature... I think this one would fit the "nature" pics a bit more... but dang I wish it were a bit nicer material.  I can see myself wearing this again.

Of course, it's also just about 1 size too small, no larger sizes available in any colors online.  ASOS Midi Dress With Ballet Wrap, Navy US 6 $38

Next up, the ASOS Midi Dress with Short Sleeves- Cobalt US 10, $27.

This one also requires your body to do all the work.  I hated it at first, but it's sort of growing on me in pictures.   The last pic is the length I would hem it to, for comparison.

I just wish it were a tiny bit more structured... although, for $27, it could be much worse.

Next up, the cheapest of the bunch, and I think I know why... ASOS Pencil Dress With Cowl Neck Red US 8 $20.

The cowl neck just kinda hangs there.  Overall, I really don't hate it - but it's not awesome, either.  I wonder if a seamstress could just turn it into a V-neck?

I'm really having mixed feelings about the next dress.  ASOS Pencil Dress With Lace Panels Plunge Neck- Jade US 8, $61.

For one thing, it's surprisingly larger than the others.  I love the color and it's really out of my comfort zone.  But the waist needs taken in, and that's what I'm doing with my arm in the last pic.  The middle is of how it rides up when I walk... one of the most annoying things about "pencil" dresses and skirts.

It would also be hemmed a bit so you can see more leg.

I know, scandalous.

This next one I'm having a reeeal hard time with.  ASOS Pencil Dress With Seamed Bust, Navy US 8, $51.60.

In general, I think it's flattering, has a pretty navy color... on the other hand, blah.
Too much boob and some weird underarm fat showing.  Whyyyyy?!

 And last but not least, this really wasn't for engagement pics, but I had to try it.  River Island Tattoo Print Midi Dress-US 8 $24.

At first I hated it, and now I kinda love it.  The belt does help a lot, I think. 

All in all, I don't hate anything, really, except the animal-print dress.  The sizing is inconsistent - the green dress is pretty roomy in an 8 and the blue lace dress basically strangled me in the same size.

Alright, almighty photographer-shopper-style-aholics of the blog world.  What do you think? 

Love?  Hate?  Meh on all of them, try again?

Help an obsessive sister out.  Pretty please?

I also have a wedding this month that I was hoping to wear one of these dresses for.... so far, I'm striking out so very, very hard.

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Sarah said...

I actually love you in the red (F) dress...cowl neck and all. I think if you take away the cowl it'll actually detract from it, make it boring, despite the color.

I also like the Navy (H) but if you aren't comfortable w/ that much boob, then it's a no-go.

If you're totally anti-cowl then I'd go for the Tattoo print (I) or the Ballet Wrap (D). Which I think both of them look very nice on you, especially w/ the belt on the tattoo print.

mangovino said...

I have to say that I agree with you when you say that the lengths are all too long! My favorite was the ballet wrap and I like the red jacket on the black dress but I'm not truly loving any of them. I would personally go for something less structured looking and more flirty - all the wedding shots will be formal so why not have some fun with these? :)

Meg @ write meg! said...

I love your outfit posts! I have to say that A looks awesome (A for awesome! No?) with the red jacket, but I agree that many of the dresses fall too long on you. I'm only 5'2" myself, so I'm always conscious of length. Blah, it's annoying!

I have to say that the Ballet Wrap (D) is my favorite! Very pretty, feminine and classy... and you could really make that one pop with jewelry. I also like the final dress (I?) with the print, especially with the belt -- very cute and stylish.

melissa said...

I like the ballet wrap dress best. Hem it a couple inches and it's perfect. The navy with too much boob was super cute and not so much boob but maybe a little too work-ish? I think something more casual for the settings you described for the pictures would be great!

the girl in the red shoes said...

I like D the most but it needs to be a little shorter. All of the dresses look amazing on you though! You are gorgeous!

Cheyenne Ji said...

I love all these on you but my favorite is the blue lace dress. So pretty!

Brittany said...

I think the green one with the v neck (with a little alteration) would be PERFECTION for engagement pictures!

I meant to comment a few weeks ago about the spray tan pre-pictures. I did this, had my first spray tan before my engagement pictures, and despite going to a well-regarded place and having it hand-sprayed, I looked embarrassingly orange in my engagement pictures. My photog had to put a weird color filter thing on our pictures so I didn't look like an oompa loompa, and sometimes I still did anyway :( My advice to all brides is to just be your beautiful self!!! I so wish I had just owned my skin. I tried the spray tan a few times after to try to get the right color, but I just couldn't predict which day post tan would look best. Sometimes it was Day 2, sometimes Day 3, etc. For my wedding I skipped the spray tan and think my natural color (and I'm a pale girl) looked beautiful.

Ok and also I just realized last night that the little bumps on the back of my arms have totally gone away!! I wasn't even trying for it. My bump situation has always been mild, but here's what I've been doing: Once every 2 weeks I exfoliate all over in the shower with Walgreens brand of St. Ives apricot face scrub. Then here's what I think is really working: I bought a real sponge (the kind from the ocean) and started showering with it and Dr. Bronner's magic soap in almond scent (the people of amazon credit this soap, and the other scents, with all sorts of miracles like acne reduction, etc). I also am using a new body lotion. I've been working on replacing my beauty products with paraben free products, and so I found this Griffin Remedy Orange Blossom body lotion at my local natural/organic grocery store and I LOVE it. I have never used a lotion that feels as good as this does going on my arms, and the smell is divine (if you like oranges). The soap and lotion and even the sponge are all just a little more expensive (like $1-4 more) than the grocery store/traditional brands I was buying before, so it's not like a big Sephora/$$$ commitment. It's just a bonus that my arms have NEVER been smooth like this! I seriously could not find one single bump.

Cori said...

I agree that whichever one you would choose of these would need to be altered a bit. I also think that something more casual, flirty and fun would be great for engagement pictures.

Jenny248 said...

I like the blue lace one (if it was shortened) and the green v neck (if it was shortened and brought in). I think hemming would help a lot of the dresses look more "fun!"

krista said...

I agree they are all a bit long , but I really like is the blue lace, but I think the black is nice too and would be cute with a denim jacket for a more casual look.

krista said...

I agree they are all a bit long , but I really like is the blue lace, but I think the black is nice too and would be cute with a denim jacket for a more casual look.

Jeanie said...

I love the last dress, and it looks great on you. Also love the blue lace, but I think it's too tight. Love the royal blue scoop-neck dress and think the current length looks good on you.

Mrs. Jones said...

I like "D" this most - it's so flattering on you! "A" is my next favorite, but they all are too long!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I actually love the blue lace dress. I think it's beautiful and a great color on you.

But I'm wondering where you got the belt that you're wearing with a few dresses. That's the perfect accessory for those kinds of things!

Life's a shoe said...

i love all the dresses!

Whitney said...

ASOS is my FAVE! I swear I discovered it before Princess Kate did. I swear.

Lookin' good, Bridey!


Beth Roznowski said...

how true to size did they run? did you measure an 8 on their chart? I can't decide what to order!

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