Monday, June 17, 2013

Shop With Me

Hello, lovelies.

So, this is a hectic week.  Mr. RH and I are having engagement photos on Thursday (amen!), and then head up north on Friday to celebrate a dear college friend's wedding.  She is gorgeous, and her wedding is going to be absolutely stunning.  And I'm probably going to cry the whole time because I have exactly 3 months till my big day on her big day.  If that makes any sense.

Today, we have another edition of "Sarah has nothing to say, but damn the girl can shop."  Also known as... please stop talking about your engagement photos that haven't even happened yet.  So... to recap: engagement photo dress, dress for the wedding this weekend. 

Yes, hypothetically I should just use the same dress - but seeing as this is going to be a much-photographed dress, I want each to make a different impression.  Although, I'm so in love (I think!) with the engagement photo dress, I'm kinda confused why I don't just wear the same for both.  Because I like variety!

So, now that we're all on the same page, some of you celebrated with me on twitter last week as TJ Maxx changed my life.  It was... amazing.

Bam.  Little red dress.

It's probably more than I would normally pay for a dress on impulse, but I believe my impulse was correct.  

I've just got one problem - the shoes.  I think the black shoes (above) are fine, but they kind of make the whole look heavier.  They draw your eye down (to where my flaws reside - my thighs) instead of up to my itty bitty waist.  Made all the more itty with some sweet-ass ruching.  (Which looks mis-spelled but it's not!)

The only other shoes I have that are semi-appropriate are these nude shoes... but they're wedges, and not really hot. 

In my mind, a gold/bronze/metallic pump of some sort would really maximize the hotness of this dress.... but I may be completely off base.  It would lengthen my leg a little bit, instead of shorten it with the dark shoes or the shorter, nude wedges (below).

Of course, I've had zero luck finding this perfect shoe... and the time is starting to tick loudly.

Beyond that dress above, I found a dress that might be wedding-worthy.  It was missing the built-in belt so it was on super-clearance.  I felt like I won the lottery.

It's a wee bit snug in the thighs, because shift dresses really don't love me back, but I think it's still super cute... and the pattern distracts from any weirdness in the thighs.

I would probably wear it with black shoes, even though the red are super-hot and I love them long time.

In addition to the red dress at the top, I need a "casual" dress for engagement photos.  Need may be overstating it, but the photographer said to bring 2 outfits minimum.  I'm trying not to fixate on that minimum.

In my mind, I wanted to wear my signature color for the second outfit.  Blue!

Unfortunately, the LOFT dress I had my hopes on was just okay.... and they're all going back.  I thought this was going to be my lived-in summer dress - but it makes me look like a hunchback with terrible posture.

 And the blue and purple were so beautiful!  Weep.

I ordered one other LOFT dress on a whim... thought it was going back, but now I can't decide.

I seem to be on a red kick lately.  WEIRD.

And last but not least, I was ordering something for Mr. RH from Macy's, when lo and behold these two jumped in my cart.  Crazy how that happens!

I love this lace dress, and it's amazing and beautiful - but it just doesn't fit.  But damn if I can't style the dang thing.

And this leopard dress was weirdly big.  And I wanted it to fit SO BADLY.  Because leopard.  And red.  Pitter patter goes my heart.

So, to recap: red dress at top for engagement photos.  Wedding...... ???  Maybe the red and black patterned dress, although I wish it were more springy somehow.  I may or may not stalk TJ Maxx all week in hopes of lightning striking again.

Also, should I take with my scissors to the dress at top, or is the below problem all in my mind?

Can you see the vertical line on each boob?  It's just the lining, and I'm feeling like that's why such a hot dress ended up at TJ Maxx.  I could add a lining in between the layers... or just rip out the bottom layer completely, which is kinda scary.

Woe, to have such life-changing problems.  :)

Find any good dresses lately?  Am I going to have to fight you off at the TJ Maxx dress rack?

Happy Monday!

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SKK said...

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Tess said...

That red dress is SO amazing. I see what you mean on the vertical lines, but I think that it works because of the swooping of the neck. I wouldn't cut the liner out - especially with a big flashy camera right around the corner!

Sarah said...

I love the red dress so much! It looks so good on you. I personally think you should wear the red dress for the engagement shoot and have the second dress as the wedding dress for yours friends. Great finds! I love TJ Maxx but I love Ross's more. Have you checked out Dress Barn? I don't know if they have any around you but I was just there and their dress are really cute!

Mindy said...

Are we going to the same wedding this weekend?! I'm assuming so - I'd love to finally meet! :)

druz75 said...

i didn't even notice the lining in the far away pictures. if anyone is looking that closely at your boobs in the pictures, then that's their issue not yours. i wouldn't even stress about it. just enjoy the day.

Erin O. said...

stop the presses-this is the first post where I have LOVED every single dress you posted and think you look amazing in all of them I'm serious! Keep them!!

Erin O. said...

oh, and I get a ton of my clothes now on Seriously-named brand-very brand new(some even have tags) and are this season or more recent(can you tell I shop a lot). I've saved a ton of money and have a great wardrobe. I've only had an issue with one shirt-I wore it out!

CT Cupcake said...

I like that last red loft dress, very cute.

gap has some cute offerings, and generally they have a sale.

mangovino said...

WTH is up with those seams in the boobs? I hate when they do stuff like that! My guess is that if you weren't zooming in on it, most people wouldn't even notice. I would be afraid to hack out the liner unless it's clearly easily removed. You might create a weird bulge somewhere else if you do.

Whitney said...

you are funny! the red dress is hit but I'm sure whatever you wore looked great! xo!

Whitney said...

hit = hot. sigh. typos are a consequence of eating ice cream while youre typing.

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