Friday, May 31, 2013

Garage Sales and Tornadoes

So, there's a 90% chance of severe storms today, just in time for my Big! Blowout! Garage! Sale!

I was up at 5 this morning and happy to start grabbing random crap from my closet and throwing it into the garage.

Which means that in 24 and six hours... I'm going to have a bunch of stuff that I want to "rescue" from the trash - because none of it will sell and I'm probably going to have to sit out a tornado in a garage while strangers look at my junk. 


Back in 2008, the year of my first-ever garage sale, I had a visit from the Honda Civic below.

That Honda had some sweet-ass spinning rims and an owner who had a cell-phone that played "Party Like a Rock Star."

I can only hope I get a repeat visit today to keep the day entertaining.

If you need me, I'll be on twitter.  Didn't have that in 2008.

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Meg @ write meg! said...

I haven't had a garage sale in so long... though I did schlepp a bunch of my stuff to a town yard sale last summer with Spence. Like you, I was okay with getting rid of it if it sold, but then I was all anxious about just giving it away because what if I need it?! I don't know.

With moving in a few short months, I'm mentally preparing myself for getting rid of things I no longer want/need and preparing to combine my stuff with my guy's... a scary prospect, I tell you! But the thought of nice wedding gifts coming cushions the blow of parting with all my random junk. Gah.

mangovino said...

We have a garage sale in our future too - of course we do - because we are in a parallel universe! My Mom and I had one at her house a couple years ago and it was so much FUN! Lots of crazy people and I actually liked knowing that my stuff was going to a new home as opposed to being dumped off at Goodwill or someplace like that.

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