Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Deep Thoughts By ClassyFabSarah

You remember the sketch on SNL - Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey?  It featured little "gems" of hard-won wisdom... that were not the most deep thoughts in the world, if you catch my drift.

Like this one:

"If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is "God is crying." And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is "Probably because of something you did."
So, today, I have a few deep thoughts of my own.  Except, less deep.

  • Spray Tans.  I've done my own in the past because I've never had an occasion that really warranted getting it done professionally.... but it's time.  How far in advance do I get it done?  I've heard conflicting reports on this one - some people say it needs a day to really settle in and go from a nice "tan mom" color to a regular, bronze color.  If you had engagement photos on a Thursday - would you get it done Wednesday night or Tuesday?
  • I'm having a garage sale on Friday.  I have no idea what prompted this... except I have a bunch of old kitchen stuff from college (FOUR years ago) that needs to go find a home.   Of course, Mr. RH and I have had no less than 2 meltdowns over stuff I want to get rid of that he thinks is important to keep.  So, fun times.  
  • Bachelorette parties.  Quite a few of my friends have had the wild, girls-about-town bar-party with optional party bus and general shenanigans.  I know I'm not supposed to be involved in the planning of my own party, but of course I have Strong Feelings about how I want the party to go.  And since I'm the one with the tightest schedule, I'm the one who's getting all worked up about it now.  My dream party would be all of my friends and I, packed into a little lake house in Michigan, maybe a fancy night at dinner, and lots of pictures of best friends and wine.  Lots of wine.  Unfortunately, that seems quite unlikely at this point.  Whomp whomp.
  • I am waiting on my little "lace bolero" for my wedding dress that should keep my shoulders covered at the church on my wedding day.  It's shipping from China, which means I could be waiting for a while.  However, it's supposed to be here this week.
  •  Wedding earrings are going to be the death of me.  Although I own very few pairs of "fancy" earrings, I am kind of an earring snob.  And Macy's, inexplicably, took down a line of earrings a week ago.... I was planning on ordering a few pairs of the same brand and the whole brand was gone when I got home from work.  Whaat?!
  • The apartment that Mr. RH and I end up moving into pre/post wedding will have an extra bedroom (or two).  I made the suggestion that we move an old twin bed that my dad has into the second bedroom.  Mr. RH suggested we pile my boxes of crap from floor to ceiling first and then decide if we should put a bed in there.  Smart man!  
So.  Spray tans, garage sales, and wedding earrings.  Got any hot tips for me?  We all know I could use them.

Happy SHORT Week!!

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Annalee said...

I would suggest a spray tan Tuesday; keep in mind that you need at least four hours to let it sink it before you sweat or shower. And choose clear and not bronze! :)
They say after 24 hours the color is fully developed.

Annalee said...

I would suggest a spray tan Tuesday; keep in mind that you need at least four hours to let it sink it before you sweat or shower. And choose clear and not bronze! :)
They say after 24 hours the color is fully developed.

BriBrooke said...

I had my first professional spray tan done in April for my engagement pictures. I had pics on Sunday so I got the spray tan Friday night. A few tips- exfoliate really well before and shave really well. My tan was rocking on Saturday and I worried it wouldn't look as good on Sunday, but it did. I lightly shaved my legs Sunday (like barely put the razor to my legs). I was happy with the turn out!

Tess said...

Ok, so I was really worried about my spray tan expierence but it worked out - and I loved it. Here are a few of my key takeaways.

Big reveal is on Saturday night, yes?

-Go Wednesday
-Try and find a "Versa Spa". It's a few dollars more than the Mystic tan, but it's a nicer color
-Also, get sprayed with the clear. The tan will show up like 7 hours later.
-Wear a long black maxi dress
-Lots and lots and lots of lotion

And here are the bad things.

The first time I went, I did the spray on Wednesday. I wore a white top on Sunday - along my armpits, the color had come off.

Same thing with white jeans. Along the "unmentionable area", tan had come off.

So, now I'm scared to do it before the wedding because I figure I'll be sweating a lot on the dance floor and I REALLY do not want it on my wedding dress....

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

You should tell your maids how you'd like your Bachelorette party to go. After all, it's your party and you need to enjoy it!

Holly said...

I always tan two days out - so for Thursday photos, go Tuesday night. I try to go in the evening, so I can sleep on it and wait the full 12+ hours for it to completely develop, and then shower in the morning.

Also, I'd see if there's anywhere that does airbrush tans. I think they look 100x better, they'll make sure you have the right color and that you don't get any wonky spots.

Karen said...

Tan advice: do NOT do it for your wedding day unless you have done it before and are 100% sure it won't rub off on the dress!

Bedroom advice: bed? Dude make that second bedroom a dream CLOSET for you!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i absolutely told my bridesmaids what i wanted for my bachelorette party....which is how we ended up tailgating at my alma mater, sleeping on the floor of the townhouse one girl's sister lived in, eating frozen pizza for dinner and partying it up one night in my favorite city on earth.

it was AWESOME, and they made me a sparkly red veil to wear.

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