Monday, April 22, 2013

Five Months

As of yesterday, there are only 5 months left until my wedding day.  Cue freak out. 

Suddenly, my to-do list overflows with stuff that needs to get done ASAP.

And I'm not going to lie - it's all overwhelming, and I really just want to run and hide.

Mr. RH and I took our required pre-cana class a week ago - it was more boring than I could have imagined, and even less helpful.  And yet, it was nice to spend time with him and we still had a good day.  It's rare that we spend much time on a Saturday together.

Then, we had pre-marital counseling with our priest this week and he said we probably only need one more visit before we're done and married.

We won't discuss the part of the session where he re-iterated (against what I had just said) that the male is the head of the household in the biblical fashion and that's the way God intended it.  (Yes, that sound you hear is my brain exploding and then melting into a pile of mush.)

As for Mr. RH and I - we've been having a blast lately.  I don't know if it's the little bursts of sunshine in the days, his and hers wedding workouts, or just the mentality that this is really happening,  but I haven't been this happy with the two of us in months.  I realize that could sound pretty harsh taken out of context, but things have been really fun and busy lately.  From this point of view, the five months could hurry up and fly by and I'd be thrilled to death.

As for the rest of wedding planning?  Standstill.  Complete standstill.  There's a lot going on in my mind outside of wedding planning and it's put such a damper on the festivities for me, I just can't.

I'm emotionally spent. 

All I want to do is snuggle my baby nieces or nephews and curl up into a ball.  Wedding planning is supposed to be fun, right?

The thing that nobody tells you about wedding-planning is that it can be a very isolating experience.  Between wrangling bridesmaids and centerpieces and trying to get the groom to show up and smile pretty (I kid), it's like your own personal mind-hurricaine.  Everyone thinks I'm a little nuts, including myself.  And the weird part is I have not yet begun to crazy.  Not even a little bit.

This post was supposed to go a different direction.  In all seriousness, the first thing that comes to mind when I think FIVE MONTHS is excitement, pure and simple.

It's only after the excitement settles that the dread of getting it all done sets in.  And once it's all over, I'll forget that part, right?  Just like childbirth?


In all seriousness, if it could be the night of September 20th and time decides to move at half it's regular pace for a day or two - I would be A-OK with that.

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K said...

You're going to go crazy for the next 5 months and just want the day HERE. Then when it is done, you will have a week or two (maybe three) where you are SO excited to have your life back. And then you are going to miss all of the excitement! It is totally like childbirth. Haha. You forget all the bad stuff and just remember how much fun it was.

Classy said...

hahaha ohhh Sarah! You never fail to crack me up! :-) You know everything will work out and your wedding will be just perfect!! (Your comment about not even starting to go crazy yet totally brings back college dm memories :-) I don't think I'll ever forget that last few weeks of craziness wondering if we'd beat our last total, you held your cool pretty good ;-) haha

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