Thursday, February 7, 2013

Boots Boots Boots Boots!!

You know what's better than asking for help picking my wedding shoes?  Asking for help picking a pair of damn boots.

Because it's February in Indiana, I wear boots nearly every day when I'm not at work.  And, to my great sadness, the leather boots I have are quickly reaching the end of their lives.

So, despite my DSW-fail last time... I had a great coupon code (or something?) and decided to try again.

I threw a few of the best-rated pairs into my cart... and I was off to the races.

I had some definitely losers... but some potential winners.  Can you tell I can't decide?  You be the jury.

First Up, the Corso Como Rhia Boot. I like this boot, and the leather is good quality, if a little stiff.  Feels like it would hold up very well.  It's pretty slim on my calves particularly, but not in an uncomfortable way.  It would probably not break down and slouch too low anytime soon, which is great.

I'm not sure how I feel about the detailing at the back.  It's not bad, but is it good?  I'm unsure.  It's a little different.  Can you tell I fear change?


Next, the Nicole Maverick Riding Boot.  These are actually cut a little bit lower than the other pairs on my calf... maybe like half-calf? 

The leather on these is super-nice, soft and supple.  However, I'm afraid that said supple-ness is what's leaving them bunchy around my ankles already.  Also not positive if I love the color... I wear most of them with black leggings, so this brown color is iffy to me.

Next, the Rachel by Rachel Roy Desirey Riding Boot.  I love the color and I'm surprised that they don't photograph too poorly.  In person, they look pretty plastic to me.

They were fairly comfortable... just afraid of looking cheap.  And like bigfoot.

Next, the Bandolino Whimzy.  If you can't tell by the lack of pictures (or of me even putting on the right boot), I hated these.  Flipping cheap as heck.  Such a shame, I used to love Bandolino.

 Last but not least, I've been looking for a comfy pair of pumps for a bachelorette party I'm attehding in March.  Enter the Mix No. 6 Barbie pump.

When I took them out of the box, I thought CHEAP CHEAP... but in the pictures, I'm not so sure they look that cheap.  They are remarkable comfortable for $30 shoes, but of course I sized up to an 8.5 and they are too big.

 So, I'd say this was a pretty mixed bag. 

I'm pretty tempted to keep the black pair at the top (Corso Como) and I love the brown pair (Nicole), but I just don't think they're gonna work in my life.

Jury's still out on the "cheap tan pair."

Keep em, lose em... what say you?! 

8 Classy Comments:

PinkSass said...

1- pass, don't like the back
2 - pass, don't like the braiding
3 - of the bunch
4 - no, just no
5 - cute, keep!
6- Hi!

ps - have you tried the steve madden intyce - best boot EVER!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I love the first pair! I'd pass on everything but the print heels.

Jeanie said...

I think the Rachel Roy boots look best on you, but if they look cheap...

tara said...

i love #3!

Jac said...

The first ones. The brown are great but if they don't work for your wardrobe, don't do it. The carmel ones, to me, even photograph kinda cheap looking. As for the heels, I don't like the curve heel but that is in style. So if they are comfy....

mangovino said...

I'd say yuck to all of them! You should love them, not just tolerate them. I do most of my shopping for shoes online anymore. Shoebuy and Zappos, etc. Free shipping both ways is awesome. You'll pay more for the shoes/boots but you'll also have more choices and won't have to settle.

Amy Disbrow said...

3!!!! They a gorgeous riding boots!!

Susan Miller said...

All of those are good but the 4th pair is best in my sense.


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