Monday, October 15, 2012

Much Ado About Boots

Dearest Internet Friends:

I am in need of grave help.  Shopping help, that is.  What else could be such a serious emergency?!

You see, I've mentioned it here before, but I struggle with footwear.  Oh, I know what I like, no problem.  It's the finding and acquisition of said necessary purchases that really gets me stressing.

Lately, it's boots.  I had amazing luck last year at DSW and was hoping to hit that same jackpot this year... and I'm just not sure.

You see, if you browse Pinterest, it will have you believing that you need 95 pairs of the most spectacular, buttery-leather boots.  And.... I do, and I want.

Let me give you an idea of the current situation.  I apologize that I had to take indoor pictures using the flash.  It was a stressful time for all involved.  Me and myself.

The brown boots started the whole situation.  They are a bit more brown and less red in person... but gorgeous nonetheless.  I worry that wearing them to work and all around town has ruined them a bit - but I honestly like them more now than I did before.

And then Mr. RH found the black pair innocently sitting on the shelf at Nordstrom Rack.  They are lovely... but only 75% as comfy as the brown pair.  The wedge heel is very small and I feel like my foot steps off the back a bit.  You'd think a wedge was a safe bet... but I can shoot that theory down no problem.

(Note to the foot people out there... isn't is disgusting how badly I pronate my feet/ankles?  Wow, these actually blew my mind.)

So, I wanted to shop early and often this year for boots.... mostly because if/when those brown ones bite the dust, I need to be prepared.

The first ones I tried were the Audrey Brooke Adore Leather Riding Boot...  they're nice, but I wasn't really a bit fan of the strap on the calf. 

Looking at the picture, I guess there's nothing wrong with them, per se, I was just ambivilent.


 The Audrey Brooke Tayler Riding Boot.  I believe it's the newer model of the tan pair I'm wearing above... and I ordered it in brown.  Then black.  I really wanted a black pair, but then again do I want a backup in case my brown pair dies?

 The question is... I almost feel like they're too baggy on my leg.  I know it's impossible to get boots that fit like a second skin (isn't it?!), but I don't want to be walking around with saggy boots, ya know?

(Random side note: have you all heard of the boot bra?  Yeah, me either.  TILL NOW.)

So, I'm all sorts of confused.

Are my current boots ok?  Or do I look like a hood rat wandering around town?!  I NEED TO KNOW.

And then... thoughts on the new boots?  Looking at these pics, I feel like I should keep the black and return the brown.  And keep searching for a backup pair, or maybe even a pair of more cognac-colored boots so I have yet a millionth boot option.  Girl loves some options.

Another random side note... I used this exact same post title almost a year ago.  Acquiring the first two sets of boots.

And things worked out well then, cause I wear the heck out of all of those boots.

So.  New boots.  Yay, nay, black, brown.  Ball's in your court.

Happy Monday!

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mangovino said...

I desperately need new boots too! My last two pairs are in terrible shape. I wish they would use actual human legs as models when they are making them. Nobody I know ever finds a pair to fit perfectly no matter if they have skinny legs or chunky ones.

I wish I could find your original brown pair - love 'em! I know for sure, when I find a pair I love, I'm buying them in both colors...and maybe doubles too! Good luck with your search!! I wish I could find your original brown pair - love 'em!

Crystal @EatDrinkClev

Jeanie said...

I'm not sure if it's just the way they're photographed or what, but the brown ones look bigger in the leg than the black ones. Maybe try on a couple different pairs in your size for a better fit and get them both before they're gone. On a side note, I was in Nordstrom Rack on Saturday (I go at least twice a week) and got two pairs of Frye boots (cognac and gray)worn and refinished for $79 each. They had both originally been over $300. Score!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i actually bought THREE pairs of the exact same target boots last year in brown, tan and i'm trying to avoid looking at ANY boots at all this season, because i don't need them.

now booties on the other hand? whole other story...

Mrs in Training said...

I was talking to Teatime Tess about how I needed to fly out to LA asap, and she better meet me at the airport with wine, yadda, and she said if you came too it would be super awesome, so obviously I had to google the heck out of you to find your blog...and I'm so glad I did. And I thoroughly concur with Tess, you seem like you would make a fantastic person to meet and drink with ;)

Laura at Simply Lowcountry said...

Totally had the same problem!!! I ordered the Ciao Bella Tabby's from DSW in cognac. Love them. But now I want a dark brown pair. Your Audrey Brooke's, are they the brown or cognac color?? I'm thinking about ordering the Ciao Bella tabby boots in the dark brown as well since I know I already love my cognac ones.

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