Tuesday, January 15, 2013


As I've said before - when you publicly scorn a fashion trend, you are only 25 seconds away from discovering how awesome said fashion trend is.  I can say though, confidently, 9 months after I posted about the high-low trend (aka mulleting), I still don't like it.

That being said, I'm not positive I understand the peplum trend. 

Peplum.  Is it pronounced pee-plumPep-plumPep-blum?  I've heard it pronounced each way and I'm not gonna lie - I generally avoid saying words I don't know how to pronounce... so you won't hear me talking about it! 

So, what is peplum?  According to the dictionary, a peplum is a short overskirt attached to a shirt, jacket, or dress that typically flares right from the waist.

Ok then.

I head to my favorite website, Forever21, to scope out the peplum happenings.  Let me tell you, they are abundant.

My eyes popped over this dress because I loved the hot red hue... but then I realized the model is embarrassed of her weird waist pouf, which is why she is covering it with her hands.

Now, I like the idea of highlighting the waist.  It's actually my favorite body part.  However, I think, generally speaking, the peplum doesn't always fall at the right spot, leaving the best waist-enhancing spot behind.

Not sure if the chick above is making that face because of her peplum or because of her ugly shirt.

And last but not least... everybody needs a nautical-inspired peplum tube top.  It's just that category in one's wardrobe that nobody can have enough of. 

Or something like that.

In a lot of ways, when I see someone in peplum, I think they are pregnant.  That little fake-skirt could be hiding the teensiest little baby bump, no problem.

Then again, if there's a baby in the bellah, wouldn't  you NOT want to choke your waist to death with that little cinch?

So, peplum.  Am I missing out?  Will my next purchase be a peplum dress with a side of extra peplum?

You be the judge. 

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California Wife said...

I was a little nervous to try the peplum trend, and was sure that it wasn't for me. I mainly shared your concern that I would look pregnant, or look like I was trying to hide a bump! I have tried on several that hit me in the wrong spot on my waist and looked awful. I have found two that I love though, one from Zara and one from Anthropologie. I definitely think it can be a hard trend to pull off, but if you try various styles/brands I'm sure you would find one you loved!

~Dawn~ said...

So glad you addressed this Peplum thing! I'd only recently seen or heard of it, when I was perusing the New York & Co website. I'm torn on it too. I think I like it - but having a bigger waist, I fret to think what it might look like if I wore it. Eek! I like how it looks on the models wearing it, who have TINY waists and midsections but I'm in the same boat as you - Not really sold on it yet.

Meg @ write meg! said...

As a curvy lady, I've definitely shied away from this trend -- not sure I could rock that without looking pregnant, as noted! I do think it's cute, though. And I also scorn the high-low trend... seriously, what is that about?

Karen said...

I bet you end up with a peplum wedding dress! LOL

Samantha said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Peplum, but I'm scared to try it on!

Tracy said...

I wore peplum to a homecoming dance. In 1984. :)

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i always like it on other people...but so far, the thing i've tried on that had a peplum was AWFUL. my shorter waist, plus the fact that i carry any extra weight in my middle...it was NOT a good look. gag.

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