Monday, November 19, 2012

I Forever 21'd.

Soo, I've been a little bad at Forever 21 lately.  Actually, I've been filling up my cart for months and finally pulled the trigger on a few items when they were having their anniversary sale a while back.  It was equal parts good and bad, I think....

First up, a couple of boring work shirts.  I wear solid white and sometimes black at work... I just hate how boring it is.

I do like this Rosette Longline Top though.  Just enough interest to keep it from being SOOOO boring.  


 I ordered a cute ruched-side top... but they accidentally sent this instead.  Nice.  Hmm.  It's going back for sure.

I think I'm reeeally into these Curvy Fit Jeans... unfortunately, I think the ankles are doing something weird.  Should I get them taken in at the ankles or something?  Or maybe if I wash them they'll just shrink up and look better.  Hm.  I reeeally liked them when I was wearing them and had no clue the ankles got all bunchy.  Wah.

On the upside, they aren't even THAT low rise, which is quite a feat for F21.  Will be ordering another pair if I can figure out the ankle issues.  Also, I sized down from my last order (even though I haven't lost a pound) and they actually look good.  Muffin topping is minimal.

Now... the next 3 dresses are all sold out by now.  This lace bodycon dress is SO not my thing... but there's something strangely hot about it.  I was really sold because it's actually long enough - as opposed to most F21 dresses that are shirt-length.

This one is not really befitting of my lifestyle... but I just love black and white.  Classic, classy, black and white.  Unfortunately it's probably too tight in the hips.  When am I going to learn I can't wear a structured shift dress?

And then there is this Love 21 wrap dress.  I really wanted to like it... but it was kinda boxy, even though it was prettily lined and quite comfy.  Maybe it's just too big??

Soo, confession.  I bought something called Scuba Leggings.  Not only did I live to tell about it... but I kinda liked it.  

They are very shiny and stretchy... and shiny.  They remind me of superhero leggings, and they are a deep charcoal gray color.  So... I wonder if I could wear these in public?  At the very least they might make a good Halloween costume.  Considering I haven't dressed up in, eh, 5 years?

I need to know... can I wear shiny leggings??

The Sparkling Bow Hair Clips are rather amazing.  And sparkly.  I only wish they were in red. 

These faux-emerald Faux Stone Teardrop Earrings are SO pretty and cute... I just need to find some hair accessories that work with them.

The Polka Dot Bow Hair Clips are not as cute as I wanted them to be.... but I think I can still make them cute with sparkly pink earrings.

And the Glittered Bow Hair Clips are just about the tiniest hair bows I've seen.  Maybe my nieces will wear them?

 I can't find these sparkly bow earrings anywhere on the website... but they are large and fabulous.

I ordered a Draped Chain Necklace but it arrived broken so I didn't take a picture. 

So, most of the accessories are a win.  The dresses are pretty fab but I'm just not seeing the opportunity to wear them, so they might have to go.

Right now, I'm loving the bottoms at F21.  And I'm going to HAVE to wear shiny leggings just to prove I can.  I feel bad about keeping them otherwise. 

Thoughts?  Can I wear shiny scuba leggings as pants?  Cause we both know I'm going to try it.  

Only 4 days till Black Friday.  Barf.

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Gretchen said...

I have shiny leggings...I got them accidentally :). (They didn't appear shiny in the picture online!) If you figure out how to wear them, let me know :).
Looks like you got some cute stuff! I'm overwhelmed by Forever 21...even the website!

M said...

Sarah, I think the white/black dress looks great on you. I don't know what hip stuff you are talking about. Maybe the picture is far away but it looks great on you and perfectly form fitting without being too tight!

Tess said...

I'm kinda digging the scuba leggings. Holy Hot Legs!

And that black and white dress just SCREAMS wedding shower!

tara said...

i kinda love the shiny leggings!!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

do you have a big slouchy sweater?? i bet that would look awesome with the shiny pants!

and holy hot mama in that lace dress!

Dj Mordia said...

Great ruched-side top.. Liked it.. Seems you have become serious about what I had told you about your designer wear.. Good for you!!

Anna Magruder said...

Oh I love Forever 21! But sometimes its just hit or miss! Glad you did well on your shopping trip! Im new to blogger and trying to get started! Please follow back! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

The Domestic Sweetheart said...

Oh, I love!
i heart your blog!
I'm a new GFC follower :)

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