Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Much Ado About Boots

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know my nemesis:  shoes.  I love them and I hate them.  SO MUCH. 

I have the most difficult feet.  They are flat flat flat and always hurt.  I like to buy shoes for fashion, but on a
daily basis I tend to go more for practicality. 

That being said, I've gone through the last few winters with NO boots.  No cute wedge boots or riding boots or Ugg boots.  Mostly because I swear that Uggs are still the fugliest things I've ever seen.

Right around my birthday, I found what appeared to be The Perfect Brown Boots on  They are the DSW brand Audrey Brooke and of course they are not available online anymore. 

My only issue with these is that they are more brown and less tan/cognac than I wanted.  But I'm still finding plenty of ways to wear them.  That and the fact that I got a huuge scratch on the right boot at work this week.  Whomp whomp, disappointment.

Then, on "Sarah Day," the Monday after my birthday, Mr. RH and I went to the new Nordstrom Rack in Indy.  We wandered lost around the store for 5 minutes and then these shoes were in my hands.  I put them on and it was.... true love.  Go figure. 

I mean, Mr. RH was looking at me like I was some hot random chick (note: Mr. RH doesn't check out hot random chicks nearly as much as I do, I don't know what's wrong with him!) and how could I not buy them?  They were just under $100 and real leather.  Score!

Of course, a couple of days prior I was in Chicago with my BFFs and stumbled upon a pair of boots that have been on my heart a LOT.  For a long time. 

Fuggs.  For real.

Yep, Cardy Uggs.  I'm not so sure how much I actually like these.  I'd like them better if they stayed up high on my leg as they are in this picture... but they really sag and look quite baggy on my leg.  And I don't have stick thin legs by any measure!  I wonder if I could move the buttons in a bit to make them tighter.  Hm, deep thoughts about Uggs.  

On another random note... I found this amazing scarf at Francesca's in Indy on Sarah Day.  And I was so excited about it.  

 But then I realized that this scarf would be the perfect gift for a friend's birthday... so unfortunately I mailed it out this morning.  Maybe they'll still have it the next time I'm at Francesca's?

So yeah, I've been going boot crazy lately.  Not sure what's gotten into me... other than Mr. RH looooves me in a boot.  Although I can't say I hate them so much myself. 

Anybody else have any good shopping finds lately?  I can't stop!

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Lauren said...

You have the cutest style!!!!! :) Love it ALL!!

etta said...

I need to go shopping. Bad. I've been living in crappy clothes for the last oh... 6 months? Now I'm living in sweatpants. I'm still under "house arrest" until the 11th, but you'd better believe I'll be looking for some new cute fall/winter clothes after that. I'm not even sure if any of my shoes other than my sneakers and birkenstocks even fit.

KatiePerk said...

Those are cute boots!! I love the black ones!

Michelle P said...

I love everything!

Megan said...

I adore boots, but I also have a love hate relationship with shoes! I have pretty thin calves and I have a hard time keeping my sweater Uggs up and it drives me crazy!!! I adore the black boots. So cute!

Maria said...

I have been going boot-crazy lately; it's soooo hard to find the right pair! I just wrote a quick post about finding some great (off season) boots on sale. Now to find that perfect tan/cognac color... and to pray for cold weather so I can wear them. You rock those boots, hot chick ;)

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

You always get the cutest stuff!!! Love all of those boots and that scarf! :)

Jeanie said...

Love the boots, both pairs. I went to Nordy's half-yearly sale this morning and bought some brown BP boots with a kind of built-in knitted sock thingy at the top. They're pretty cool, but of course weren't on sale.

Sarah said...

I love those Ashley Brooke boots--I almost got them myself! And while they are definitely not the cutest boots ever, my Uggs (which I also refer to as Fuggs) are the most comfortable things ever!

Natalie said...

Fantastic Boots!!! Thanks for sharing. I vicariously shopped through you in this post :)

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

The boot dilemma is something all women face every season, I think. At least, I do!

katherinebee said...

Ugh - I am looking for the perfect black, flat boots. Good luck on your quest!

Leslie said...

I also have a love/hate relationship with shoes, but for the opposite reason! I have super high arches and hardly ever find a pair of shoes that give me as much arch support as I need. I constantly buy cute shoes that fit in the store, but then a half hour of wearing them and my arches are killing me!

My vote is for the first ones. The brown ones. Are we voting? I missed if you already purchased all of these.

Allison said...

Cute boot finds! I really like that scarf too. I'm so bad about accessorizing with scarves.

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