Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Real Talk

I kind of alluded to this on my post on Monday, but I thought today I'd really lay it out for you.

Thus far, being engaged has been a bit of a rough road.  I would say that 85% of the time I'm all....

(RIP, my determination to not post someecards on my blog.)

And the other 15% of the time?  I'm doubting everything I ever knew about everything.

As in... Catholic wedding or not?

Hometown wedding or not?

Wedding photographer of my dreams AND life at the poorhouse?

Forcing my dad to sit down with me and actually talk about the budget cause I'm not just playin and I am actually planning on getting married?

However, I plan to figure out a few of these things in the next week.  My goal is to book a church and reception venue asap.... however - what if my photographer is booked?  Can I then call back and move the wedding and reception?

Since I don't know the answers... I guess the only thing to do is jump, right?  Bite the bullet??

I'm hoping that by next Wednesday, I can answer allll these questions no problem.  Cause I totally have enough time to become an expert in one week, right?


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K said...

You gotta just start somewhere and everything else will just fall in around it. I knew which photographer I would use in the beginning so I found out open dates for her and then planned accordingly. If anyone was booked (which thankfully they weren't) I would have just considered it not meant to be and moved on. That's all you can do to prevent yourself from losing your mind!

Brittany said...

I had the same thoughts soon after I got engaged and began's stressful! Who knew that sucha fun thing could cause some much stress? ;)

I ended up prioritizing things and planned accordingly. I ended up picking the reception venue and the photographer simultaneously, and then the ceremony location followed. I was so stressed that it wouldn't all work out but surprisingly it did! Best of luck to you...enjoy it, because wedding planning is FUN despite all of the stressful moments :)

Cheerful Homemaker said...

You've already made the biggest decision -- Deciding to marry Mr RH. Wedding planning can be intimidating, but it's fun! You get to go try on a million wedding gowns! And veils! YAY!

Christy W said...

I work for a wedding facility in Tennessee and you are TOTALLY normal. I deal with brides just like you everyday. I complete agree with what K said above. Call around and ask some about open dates.

If you decide to do a wedding away and not in a church...check out my place (

Enjoy the planning...I promise it gets better after a few big decisions are made. Also, when you get stressed just go play on Pinterest and look at all the fun stuff!

Kelly B. said...

If your photographer is your OMG I MUST HAVE thing (which it can be for some, over and above a venue) I'd say check out HER dates first, and then venue hunt and plan accordingly.

I know from experience, trying to coordinate 2 things (venue and church) and make sure the dates were still open and lined up because they were the 2 things we wanted, when it took the people a day or two to get back to me was MADDENING. If you try to juggle 3, you may lose your marbles. haha.

Cams said...

I was just married the end of August.
I'm Catholic, but didn't have a particular church in mind. However, I did have a venue that was a must have (I pulled off a DIY reception AND all of the Catholic counseling in eight months, it can be done). I booked the venue, then found the church. All else followed.
So if you are 100% set on the photographer, I would book the photographer, then the venue, then the church.

Em said...

If I can offer any words of advice it would be to go for the photographer. You will have those pictures forever and you want them to be great. That is the one thing I would do differently about my wedding...

Tess said...

Hey girl, Hey! Welcome to WW! Love it :) xo

angsamp said...

Okay here's my thoughts - just jump in. Pick your priority, whether it's a specific date, church, photog, etc. and then work everything else around it. It may not all be perfect and you may not please everyone with your decisions, but you need to based your decisions on what YOU and your fiance want, not anyone else. The most important thing is that at the end of this, you two will be happily married. The day doesn't matter nearly as much as your marriage.... I was engaged once and it got ruined by me trying to please family with my wedding. I know now that if/when my boyfriend and I get engaged I will do what I want because the getting married part is most important. Also, re Catholic wedding, is Mr. RH Catholic? You can always do the half mass without communion so he/his family don't feel left out...that's what my friend did--it was important to her to have a church wedding, but he didn't want to get baptized--and then she didn't want him to feel like he was an outsider in his own ceremony.. Sorry for such a long novel of a comment too!

Melissa said...

Wedding planning is hard stuff! But you'll get it all figured out! Try not to let it stress you too much

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Oh goodness, planning a wedding is such a big part of your life and it will definitely consume you for the next few months. My advice? Book the church or venue for the ceremony. That's the reason for the occasion, after all! You'll be just as married at a reception in a fancy ballroom or out in a barn. Focus on the marriage part of it, and the party stuff will fall into place later.

Rachel Emmilee said...

I was the same way. My Dad and I sat down and literally said, "Okay in all seriousness, how much should I spend on..." Because up until then, it was all go big or stay home... I was lucky that I had some help from my parents with a few details, but the rest we took care of ourselves. WHICH MEANT, we had to be smart. We went with a local photographer that didn't cost an arm and a leg. We ended up with BEAUTIFUL photos, but our time was limited and our package wasn't that grand. NO BIG DEAL, really! Me and my Hubby were so distracted by the feeling of being married and the rush to go eat/party with our family, that we wanted to rush through the photos, get it done and keep going. If I spent thousands of dollars on that little time with the little interest I had in taking photos, that would be a huge regret.
PS, after your married you'll be all like, "I'm married, bitches..." Trust me, and it's a better feeling!

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