Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wine Wednesday: Holy Cow Edition

Today's Wine Wednesday is brought to you by my woefully exhausted self... I just (at 10 am) arrived home (today's my weekend!) from a 7 am holiday meeting.

Yes, today, August 1st, was our first official day of holiday planning.  As in, CHRISTMAS holiday.

I think I'll just drink the whole bottle, please.

This wine was... interesting.  It's Oliver Winery's (holla to Indiana wineries!) Honey Watermelon wine.  I've never had a honey wine.... and I'm not going to lie, not my favorite.  It was sweet - but also weird. 

Don't worry, I drank the bottle anyways.  Not the whole bottle though, that's crazy talk.  Took me a few days.

How cute is my grown-in planter, by the way??  Not a great pic... but I thought I'd show you the finished product.

Happy Wine Wednesday!

7 Classy Comments:

Wearing Mascara said...

Your planter is adorable!

Mrs. Jones said...

Drink up, girl! Sounds like you're having the same kind of week I am!

kate said...

have you tried the oliver hard cider? i picked up the raspberry and the peach at marsh on sale a few weeks ago. i enjoyed the raspberry...and the bottles are super cute and perfect for two people!

amy said...

I have one on Sunday evening. For me is a complete waste of time because I am "sales support". Which means shipment, restocking, visual, register and return to vendors. Not selling. MEetings tend to be boring. So have a glass for me:-)

Anonymous said...

You know I love my Indiana wineries, but I agree about this particular wine. Something about it was just 'off' for me.

Meg @ write meg! said...

Yum -- that sounds so good! I actually really like honey wine... BF is sort of obsessed with it, so I've had no choice but to get on board. said...

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