Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Shopping, God Bless America.

Believe it or not, I've been trying to back off the shopping a little bit this summer.

Whether or not it's actually worked is still up for debate.

Either way, LOFT marked a bunch of their dresses 50% off a week or so ago and I jumped right into that train.

If there is one lesson to be learned from this, it's that LOFT sizing is quite generous.  I swear I used to wear a medium in lots of different brands - and now I am basically an extra-small.  What is up with that?  I'm not any smaller than I used to be.

So, luckily for all of us Mr. RH "volunteered" to take some outfit photos.  After he got his wisdom teeth out.  Yay!!

Unfortunately, I can't link to the items on LOFT right now because the website is down... we're just gonna have to wing it.

This tiered dress was so cute from the moment I saw it on the LOFT website.  It was one of the few dresses that they sold in a tall, so I decided to check it out since I didn't know about the sizing.  I love the length, but unfortunately the small was too big.  And the color was less pink and person and more rust-colored.  Unfortunately, this one got returned.  I felt like I was wearing a sack.

I searched my closet a couple of weeks ago and couldn't find the dress I wore on my first date with Mr. RH.  It was a gorgeous little black dress and I just adored it.

Of course, now I can't find it.  I *know* it has to be around here somewhere, right?

Anyway, this was the one XS I ordered - and it fit.  You can't see the cute detailing on the neckline, but it's there.  I also got this in a S purple but it didn't show up until last night.  I haven't tried it on, but I'd guess it's probably too big.

This last one is probably my favorite... it's not a dress shape I would normally wear, but who doesn't love a comfy cotton leopard print dress?!  Not me!

Unfortunately, the top of this one is much bigger in person.  It just hangs off my shoulders.  I would replace the belt they have with a larger one.

Yesterday, I took this to my local store and begged for an XS.  There weren't any in the store (besides the one I was returning). 

The closest one?  Cincinatti, where I had actually just come from (my BFFs and I went to IKEA).  Go figure.

 So, for $8 the lady ordered me an XS that will be shipped to my house.  Hopefully it arrives soon... and I don't know what I'm going to do if it doesn't fit.  Drive to the LOFT store and try to re-acquire my small?? 

 This last one isn't a dress, but it's pretty awesome.  Cute ruffled top.  However, the khaki stripe mixed with the purple just wasn't me.  Wish it had been a gray and purple!

 And, surprisingly, the top was actually long enough.  LOFT does not typically do well with longer tops.  Well done, LOFT!

The next two are actually from Target.com.  The first one is sold in stores, but the second is not (and that's probably a good thing). 

My BFF is currently out of the country - and right before she left, she stopped by to visit me at work wearing this dress.  I ordered it the next morning because it is awesome.

I've taken off the built-in belt and have been wearing it with a black belt.

 I would like to point out that Mr. RH took several pictures and my left sleeve is jacked up in all of them.  Professional bloggers, we are.

Last but not least - the worst dress ever.  I saw this dress online and and it sold out the next day, right after I ordered it.
However, it is 100% not the same dress I saw online.  This dress is pretty heinous. 

All in all, I guess I'd have to give this lot of dresses a big fat meh.  They're beautiful, don't get me wrong... but dang if I can't figure out my sizing, how do normal non-shopaholics even have a chance??

Time to get moving, this day is already flying by!!  Happy Tuesday!

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Karen said...

Something is definitely up with Loft/Ann Taylor. My sizes are SO different at those stores now too and I've been the same weight forever!

Sara said...

I bought that leopard dress when they had 50% off a few weeks ago. I wore it last week and got SO many compliments. Plus it feels like wearing a giant soft t-shirt to work. Who doesn't love that?

I'm 5'4", 120 lbs and the XS is perfect for me.

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