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Classy Blogs I Love

One of the things people ask me a lot when I confess my secret blogging habit is... "how do you find blogs to read?".....

(And in fact... Love, Sarah asked
What is your favorite blog? (Besides your own, of course:-) )

And the short of it is - I don't.  It's been a looong time since I really consciously added new blogs to my reader.  And when I do, I have the hardest time "learning" new people - figuring out who goes with what husband and children, etc.

I really like to "know" the blogs I follow.  I want to know what you do for fun, who you're married to, who  your kids are, if you have pets... etc etc etc.  I love the new wave of really classy, fun, DIY blogs - but I can't stay engaged for too long if I don't learn a lot about the lady behind the blog.

And no, I don't follow any blogs written by men.  I'm weird like that.

When someone asks for my favorite blog, I don't have one.  Plain and simple.  I have a bunch, more than I could eve mention or link too.  So, today, you get a sample of them.  Without further fuss... My Favorite Blogs, In No Particular Order:

In This Wonderful Life -Ahh, what can I say about Megan???  I love her, I love her sweet babies, I think of her sweet Cohen all the time, and her blog is absolutely fantastic.  Not only is she gorgeous (with two gorgeous little ones), but Megan is the sweetest.  I've been reading her blog for at least 2 years now and her twins give me serious baby envy. 

Tea Time with Tess - I'm pretty sure I've only been reading her blog for about a year and a half now, but Tess is seriously just the cutest thing.  The pictures she posts of her family make me die with jealousy - she has the cutest sisters and all I have is a dumb brother.  And now that she's engaged (!!!) I've been bombarding her with all kinds of wedding questions and tips and generally pinteresting her to death with wedding talk.  It's been quite awesome, actually.  If only we had been better blog friends while she was living in Chicago, I could have totally made it into the city to meet her.  Hmm, well, it has been a while since I've been to the left coast - got room on your couch, Tess?

The Java Mama -Becky and I go way, way, way back in the blog world.  In fact, I looked through my old emails and she actually won a giveaway I had in March 2009 - for a Starbucks gift card, of all things (Becky loves her starbucks)!  And now that she has her sweet Connor - I just love her blog so I can see his sweet smile (and his sweet, gorgeous hair!).

Tales of the Trees -  Megan is another blogger I met way back a million years ago in 2009.  I believe we initially bonded over our love of Twilight (which is a unique thing in the blogging world at that time, I know).  I had so much fun watching Megan grow baby Eli and I can't even believe how big he is.  (Yes, I am fascinated with my blog friends' babies.  I don't have one of my own, so I just have to be obsessed from afar).

Girl in the Red Shoes -I've been reading Julie's blog for at least a year now.. and to be honest, I'm not really sure how I "met" Julie.  I had once considered a blog title similar to hers... so I'm glad that didn't work out, cause hers would be SO much cuter.  Julie has THE best taste in everything and her home is SO beautiful.  And I'm super excited for her to give birth to a baby boy here in the next couple of months.  (Is it me or is there a blogger baby boom happening?  I'm hanging with the wrong crowd here, folks! :) )

In No Simple Language - Rachel is one of the sweetest bloggers!!  Her blog is a delish little slice of her life, right down to all the food she forces me to make cause she posts the most delicious recipes.  I love all the books she posts, she always has the best recommendations.  AND she's pregnant with a baby girl.  So exciting, right??

Moosh in Indy - Oh man, where do I start with Casey?  I've been reading/stalking her blog since well before I blogged.  In fact, her blog was one of the reasons I started a blog.  I think a little part of me wants to be Casey when I grow up (even though she's just a few years older than I am).  Basically, I would love to learn how to use my camera the way she does... she makes everything even more beautiful.  Or I could just settle for begging her to take my picture.  That would be the easy route.  Either way, you should totally be reading her blog.  It's amazing.  She is always one of the few bloggers I've met in person (hint: she's gorgeous).

Southern Belle - I know I've been reading Southern Belle's blog for at least a year... I remember her getting engaged to her hubby, all her wedding plans... and of course the shopping obsession we bonded over LOONG before that all happened.  Also I enjoy that she lets me post inappropriate foofing posts on her blog... that's real love.

Sweet Simplicity - Well, Sweet Simplicity basically wins because she did my gorgeous blog design.  I've been getting the itch to redesign... but since she just gave birth to baby Jack just a week ago... I think the blog redesign has to be on hold indefinitely.  She has the best style and fantastic taste... and of course I can't wait to see more pictures of her new addition - Jack is a cute and tiny bundle of joy, she is going to be SUCH a fantastic mommy.

Wearing Mascara - Julie and I go back approximately 100 blogging years.  I can't even remember where I "met" her, we've just known each other forever.  We've been through breakups, new loves, blog identity crisis... and lots of fun stuff in between.  That AND she's this fitness guru.  While I sit at home and bake cakes (true story), Julie's off running and doing yoga and crossfit and 92 other forms of exercise I have never heard of.  She's kind of awesome like that.

Sooo.... this is my confession: I haven't made many new blog friends in about a year.  How about you leave me a comment saying HIIIII and I'll come visit you on your blog, OK??

That would make me very happy indeed.

16 Classy Comments:

Mrs. K said...

Hi! I love to catch up with you daily on your blog, and I am new to the blogesphere myself! Me and my BFF have a blog together and we talk about anything random we want to...check us out.

Mrs. K said...

sorry, typed that wrong its :)

the girl in the red shoes said...

Awww I big fat puffy heart you Sarah! I can't remember how I found your blog either...but I'm SO glad I did! You are the sweetest....and I always appreciate how you keep it real on your blog. Xoxo

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I think I found your blog through Julie, or found Julie through your blog? I don't know! I'm glad I did though! :)

Megan said...

Thanks for this list of new blogs to check out! I've been reading your blog for a while now, but never really comment. :) I'm also a new blogger!

Leigh said...

I love finding new blogs to read, so thanks for this post! I haven't read many of those, so I am off to check them out shortly :)

I've been reading yours for a while, but never comment. Bad blogger I know!

Tess said...

Hi - I love you! ;)

Not only do I have room on my couch, I have a guest bedroom - and I live really, really close to vineyards...AND the ocean.

stephanie said...

I love your blog, especially your book posts! I think I have them all starred in my reader and go back to them when I need something new to read!

Wearing Mascara said...

What a LOVERLY surprise to see my blog listed here! Gosh, I feel like I need to do a similar post. Thanks so much for putting me on here! It means the world. Looks like I have some new blogs to read!

Kate said...

I love hearing what blogs other bloggers like, that's the best way to find new ones! Thanks for sharing :)

I've been around your blog for a while now but since you asked... HI!

Becky said...

awe! I wuv woo. You're so sweet :) So blessed to know you through this journey called blogging and you are just the SWEETEST thing evah! LOVE YA! xoxo Becky

Karen said...

Visit me! Visit me!

I reek of desperation. LOL

Great recommendations! I can't wait to add these all to my reader!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

love most of the ladies in your post so much. some good choices!

i can't even remember how long i've been reading yours but it's been a while. i shop vicariously through you ;)

Rhonda said...

Some of those are my favorites as well. I'll check out the ones I haven't read! Check my blog too. :)

Rachel said...

Just now catching up on blog reading and seeing this....made my night :)

You know I feel the same way about you!!

Megan said...

Clearly I'm the MOST BEHIND commenter ever but I just saw this. Thank you so much you are so sweet!!

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