Friday, June 1, 2012

The Post That Changed Everything

I like to think that this blog is a fun little hobby that I just play with when I feel like and ignore it when it suits me.  To an extent, that's true.  But to be truthful, this blog, my little home on the internet, is so much more to me.

I love all the fun and interesting people it's brought into my life.  I love watching babies grow, marriages flourish, friendships strengthen.  I grieve with my internet sisters through breakups and breakdowns and the loss of parents and friends.  As much as I like to separate myself from my blog, it does feel like a tiny little piece of my heart is buried between all these pages.

A year ago, I wrote a post calling for help from All The Married Ladies.  It had been brewing in my head for weeks and it just felt like the right day to post.

Basically, in the post, I realized that I had emerged from the haze of being freshly dumped by my ex (two years prior) and suddenly felt new - single, sassy, and happy with myself.  All of the sudden, my eyes were new.  There was a bright new world out there and I thought that maybe, maybe, I'd like to go find a piece of it.

Meaning a man.

When I wrote the post, I fully intended to go back to my private, boring, sheltered life of pining away for something that would never find me (cause I was hiding at home, obviously).

Within 48 hours of writing that post, after sending it out into the universe, Mr. RH walked into my life.  Of course, I was facing away from him at the time, cleaning and minding my own business in my store.

"Excuse me, can you help me for a second?"

I believe those were the first words he ever said to me.

I, of course, spun around like I had been shot towards that deep, velvety voice.  And immediately turned 92 shades of tomato red.

At that moment, I was thinking to myself, "Where the eff are my employees???  Don't I pay THEM to help the hunky customers cause I am always babbling and embarrassing myself? Where did she go??"

Outwardly, I was probably the most polite and least flirtatious that I had ever been to a male customer.  I'm pretty sure I just told him what I would buy and that it was obviously the best choice.

And then I'm pretty sure I spun on my heel and ran away to find my employee and kick her butt.  But of course he grabbed the item I recommended and brought it up to the register... and I was the only one around to help him.

Afterwords, I went tearing into the back room and bellowed for my associate.

"Did you see that?"

"See what?"

"That cute guy, the one who works at the bookstore.  HE WAS HERE.  And he was TOTALLY FLIRTING WITH ME."

"Oh my gosh, really?  That's amazing.  You should totally go for it, you're hot and everyone knows it.  I'm pretty sure you just act unavailable or they would be lining up.  Yes, Sarah, go for it."

"Ew, you know I don't ever want to date.  You know I'm over men.  I'm just SO uninterested."

But deep in the back of my mind, I went immediately back to this blog post. To the 40 sweet ladies who commented telling me to put myself out there and to throw caution to the wind and mostly just let it happen.  Also thought about the fact that 40 people commented, which, to ME, seemed like a TON at the time (and is more than double any of my posts in the last 6 months).  It had to mean something.

And then, he walked into my life. 

Despite every fiber in my being saying no no no no no, my heart was saying yes.  Mostly due to the encouragement of the ladies on this blog.

Without you all telling me that I deserved happiness, I'm not sure my heart would have been open when he found me.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

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the girl in the red shoes said...

Awww I love this post! I am so glad you are happy and in love!!!!

The Java Mama said...

awe...this makes me so happy reading this! And I am so happy you have found such happiness as well. Love ya! Becky

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

That's an awesome post....happy for you!

Andie said...

I thought I had posted that day, but apparently I didn't. But I'm glad you put yourself out there and met your mister. The same thing happened to me with my mr. I swore off dating and wanted to be on my own for a while and then he wandered into my life. It's crazy how things work!

Leslie said...

As commenter number 27 on that post, you're welcome! I have been following your blog for so long I feel like I know you and I am just so happy for you that it brings tears to my eyes!

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

it's amazing how things work out EXACTLY the way they're supposed to!! so happy you're happy =)

Aly said...

This post is so amazing! So happy for you!

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