Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mr. RH!

Today is an occasion I have been excited about (read: dreading) for months.  Mr. RH's birthday!!

A year ago today, a former of employee of mine came into my store.  She was recently hired at the store where Mr. RH was working at the time and I seized the golden opportunity to ask about him.

"So, what's the deal with that guy over there?  You know the one, curly hair, sexy shoulders, etc...."

"Oh, um, Brandon?  (Note: Not Mr. RH's name.  She was so clueless.)  It's his birthday today, actually."

"Oh, do you know how old he is?"

"Umm... no."

In my head I'm thinking:  please please please don't be 21.  I am a 24 (at the time) year old girl and I cannot go dipping into the kiddie pool.  And I really like the look of this guy.

Luckily, that day, was Brandon's 22nd birthday.  A year ago today.

And today is not-Brandon's 23rd birthday.

I love birthdays, I do.  But I tend to put unrealistic expectations on myself for what a birthday should entail.  Should there be balloons, excessive candy and sweets, cake, presents on top of presents, etc. etc. etc.

A girl could really make herself go crazy.  Not that I would ever do such a thing.

I got him one bigger gift and a couple of boring, small gifts.

 His big gift was a new computer chair... it's no Kindle Fire, but I know he'll get a lot of use out of it.

I hid it in a closet (hence this picture) and convinced him to go stumble upon it there.  It was pretty funny!  Not really a huge surprise, but fun nonetheless.

I also baked him my family's extra-special homemade birthday cake.  I'm not sure he's ever had it before, and I know he's not really a cake fan (he says pie is better, which is BS).

As usual, my frosting skills are.... subpar.  And I swear it doesn't look like baby shower colors in person, the sun was rather bright when I took this picture and it definitely threw things off.

Today will be spent (together) eating Chick-fil-A, shopping, shopping, relaxing with his nieces and the rest of his family, and eating cheesecake for dinner.

All in all, a pretty solid day.  I wonder who wishes for most of the things on that list above?  Is it fair if I enjoy his birthday more than he does?  Let's not answer that.

Happy Birthday, Mr. RH!  Can't wait to spend a fun day together.


You know, the world is funny sometimes.  The internet especially.

Sometimes, I think that God purposefully puts people in your path to help you in one way or another.

Last year, I wrote this post.

A year ago, Mr. RH came into my life to make sure I would never forget sweet Cohen, or his family, or his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Cohen!

Sending lots of love to Megan and her family today.

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In this wonderful life... said...

happy birthday to MR.RH!

Sarah, you are so sweet! I remember crying and crying when I read your post last year. When I just saw that picture you did, again, it made me smile. I love it! love to you, pretty girl!

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