Tuesday, June 12, 2012

All Aboard the Crazy Train!

I am finding it extremely hard to focus today... probably cause I was at work until almost midnight and I was a hot mess before I even left work.  Brain=scrambled.

  • I am struggling to try and use up my vacation time this year.  I know, WOE IS ME.  I would love LOVE to see my college friends, I miss them a ton.  But getting them in one space is nearly impossible.  I had planned to do something with my friends from home, but that seems impossible too.  One is taking the bar and one may be done with our friendship.  SUPERFUN.  And then there's Mr. RH... the person I really want to take with me everywhere (put him in my pocket, obviously).  Want to take him back to Chicago, to an IKEA (that's random), to Oklahoma to snuggle some twins, to Florida cause a beach sounds nice, to Michigan cause a beach sounds nice.  Like I said... I'm struggling.  And wish I were independently wealthy with a private jet.
  • I am really missing my college friends.  I know we are all in 93 directions all over the place, but I just wish it were easier to stay in touch.  Found out that one of them was pregnant a couple of weeks ago and I haven't even called to congratulate her.  I suck.
  •  The Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale starts at 7 am today.  And despite the fact that I barely slept and need bras like I need a hole in the head... I think I need to stop in.  It's my American, consumerist duty.
  • Speaking of Mr. RH, he has somehow released my inner interior decorator lately.  Since I have yet to grow up and get a home of my own, I have transferred my decorating needs onto his apartment.  I almost had a breakdown this weekend because there are so many things I "need" to purchase for his apartment.  Such as a kitchen table (he has an empty room now), a new couch, a fancy new bed.  Basically, I am a loose cannon.  HELP.
  • I'm taking wedding photos for a friend in a month.  And then my boss in September.  I realize I am 100% unqualified for this... but yet I can't stop agreeing to do things that make me scared.  YAY. 
  • It's no-shower Tuesday.
  • Less than 24 hours till Wine Wednesday (the activity, not the post.  I actually don't have one for this week).
  • I'm going to a bachelorette party this weekend and I feel fat.  Is it acceptable to wear a maxi dress instead of a slut-mini-dress?  My pasty legs are extremely stressed.
  • I'm not sure if it's jealousy or excitement or just losing my mind (probably that)... but Tess' engagement set of the bomb of wedding-planning inside my brain.  Had a breakdown yesterday cause I couldn't find California Wife's list of recommended Indiana wedding photographers... and it basically went downhill from there.  And yes, very astute of you, I am actually not engaged.  Crazy train, party of one!
I think I've really done enough damage here. Feel free to comment on... anything, really.  Maybe you'll get lucky and I'll send you a Target gift card cause that's just the way I'm feeling today.

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StephaE said...

I did the whole VS sale in my pjs on my laptop!!!! Wine Wednesday sounds too good to miss so I think I'll start tonight and then continue until tomorrow :). And finally, friends fall out if touch. But if they're good friends it does not matter the length of time when you get together things just are natural!!!!!!!! I'm loosing friends too and it sucks. And finally kill two birds with one stone...vacation day and Ikea trip to purchase Mr a table!!!!!!

Cheerful Homemaker said...

I'm pretty sure my best friend from college is done with our friendship. It's so hard to maintain a relationship when you're in 2 different states, not to mention your lives are going in completely different directions. She couldn't understand why I wanted to stay at home and breastfeed my baby instead of going out and getting drunk with her.

Courtney said...

I say take your vacation time and do whatever comes up. I vote IKEA because then you can do all the decorating.
You seem so stressed lately and not relaxed. Please take a day and go get your hair done or something and relax girl!

Beth's Blog said...

that is a lot of random stuff, I can relate ... I had one of those weeks last week. don't worry, it will all work out. :)

Anonymous said...

You know I haven't commented here in a really long time, but I just wanted to let you know I still read every post! Yay for google reader!

Life gets crazy. I'm currently in a lull right now as far as busy goes, but I am still finding things to be stressed over! Mainly the new house I bought and am still nervous about affording. Funny...I had no trouble getting approved, but now that my name is on it I am nervous!!

And just for the record, I'm not commenting because of the Target gift card idea. I just wanted to say Hi.

Meg @ write meg! said...

Definitely know what you mean about not having your own space and needing to transfer those decorating tendency elsewhere, haha! When my boyfriend bought his condo last summer, I went CRAZY. At Target every day after work, buying rugs and cheap artwork and utensils. At least half of what's there now actually belongs to me (okay, it was a gift), and the place would be a white-walled void if not for me! (BF would probably disagree, but we all know I'm right.)

Sweet Simplicity said...

Come to OK! You can wait until Jack is here and snuggle with him too. :)

nicole said...

you'll do great photographing weddings! just keep it simple and watch your lighting carefully. try not to use your flash! i photograph weddings on the weekends, it's so fun!

Krista said...

Sounds like you need to move Wine Wednesday up a day (the activity, not the post, naturally) :)

Annabel Manners said...

Of course you can wear a maxi dress to the bachelorette! There are plenty that don't look like muumuus - just accessorize, then relax and have fun with your friends!

MochaPrincessAurora said...

I broke the head off a 600$ mannequin at work today, then I ate a 10 piece nugget meal at McDonald's and THEN Bought a dozen donuts at Dunkins... I also ordered Chinese for dinner... I think it is one of those weeks... OH And I almost bought a lime green push up bra at VS Today but, I put it back.... I may go back tomorrow lol.

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