Friday, February 17, 2012

Confessions from an Online Shopaholic

Since around Christmas, I have been trying SO HARD to keep my shopping at bay, both online and in person.  Fortunately (or unfortunately), Melissa notified me on twitter that Target was having an awesome 25% off sale online only one night. 

My strong no-shopping resolve?  Disappeared almost instantly.

I had been dying to get this red trench that came and went from my local  Target almost instantly, and 25% off made it too awesome to resist.
Unfortunately, it didn't fit.  It was SOO tight in the shoulders and chest.  And the material seems to be just a little bit cheaper than I remembered.  SOOOO SAD.

Next up, I apparently got high on shopping and ordered the hideous ruffle wrap dress. The pattern is just hideous.  

Fortunately, I had luck with the Cap Sleeve Ruffle Dress.  This is that nice, thick spandexy material that never wrinkles and never looks bad even if you wash it a hundred times.  Unfortunately, it's also not a very breathable material so you may have stinky armpits.  

I love love the pink and the blue.  I bought the yellow cause Mr. RH loves a good yellow - but, unfortunately, it's completely see-through.  Pink or blue... do I need both?  Pink is more unique to my wardrobe... plus, I could style it like this, below: 

I see a new summer uniform!  Minus the weird shoes.  I was having shoe issues this day.  Get over it.

Turns out, this dress also comes in long.  And I'm kinda obsessed!

I can't decide if the pink is good or not, it just seems... hugely pink.  Which I love, but it's a little scary.  I think I might only have to keep the black one?  Thoughts??

 I am obsessed with anything nautical... so obviously I love this black and white striped maxi dress.  

 Part of me is really bothered about the little stripe under the bustline.  It gets a little wonky.  So I threw on the belt... and it still looks wonky.

It's also a size bigger than I normally wear... but damn, that dress is so ridiculously comfy.  Thoughts?

I ordered some swimsuits, but I'm feeling like it's a little too much to post them these days.  I guess a lot has changed in 2 years?  It feels a little disrespectful, to me, to post pictures of my hot rack when I think of Mr. RH.  On one hand, he would tell me to post whatever I feel comfortable with.  Which, on the other hand, would make me 200% less likely to post them.

I know, my life is hard.  

I also ordered some bras that twitter raved about (review to come!) and running capris.  Because, you now, the last time I run was in August.  And any day now I might just take off out my front door and run.

I know, I have issues.

Last but not least, 20 Target items was not enough for one day, so I had to order these comfy tees from Express.

I can wear them at work... so obviously comfort + cuteness = best day ever.

The one on the left looks red, which is sad because I ordered it as pink.  Don't care, I love it.  I have a black one too but it doesn't really photograph.

Soo.  I lost a little control with my credit card.

And I'm a little embarrassed to drag my 20 items (ok, probably only returning 12?) back to Target and return them at the local mall (where I work, so I know everyone).

Return shame, I has it.

What's a keeper and what's ugly?

Please and thank you.

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Pharmacist Erin said...

Keep the short pink AND blue. I'd return the long pink one and keep the black one. Very, very cute! I like the black/white maxi. I say keep it.

Iram said...

The blue and the pink look gorgeous, keep them both! And I think you should stick with the black maxi dress too. Same goes for the striped one, it looks amazing with or without the belt!


Courtney said...

I agree with Pharmacist Erin. Also return the trench coat, you can tell it's uncomfortable looking in the shoulders.

You should post pictures of the bikinis though of the ones you kept. :)

melissa said...

Sorry for causing the break in shopping self control. But how cute are all your purchases! So glad you shared. I like the pink dress with the jean jack and I thin the black maxi dress is cute - both the striped and solid.

PinkSass said...

arm popping it all over the place. I love it.

Go with the pink..looks great on you!

The Branches said...

You are so goofy! I have to say my favorite is the long ruffle dresses and KEEP THEM! I also like the long nautical dress :) but you look good in everything!

Whitney said...

You are the funniest person evvvverrrr.

Comfort always wins when it comes to work clothes, so keep whatever you can wear to work and still breathe!

Cheerful Homemaker said...

Love that striped dress! I may have to go check that one out. I love wearing dresses.

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I took a page out of your book and ordered some Old Navy things when they were having a big sale a few weeks ago. I knew some of the dresses wouldn't fit, so I ordered multiple sizes but when I had to take a bunch back to the store, I did have return shame! I felt so awkward but I managed to get my money back just the same. :) I love all the clothes that you ended up with!

The Lovely One said...

Since you're not posting your face anymore, I think it's safe to post the swim suits, if you want to!

I like that striped maxi dress, you should keep that one. And I like all three ruffle dresses. I like the red trench, but you're right-- it's too small. Can you get a bigger size? I love the pop of color-- gotta have a POC!

Elle said...

I love the pink and the blue dress!

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