Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Q&A with Mr. RH

A couple of weeks ago, someone commented that since Mr. RH had been initiated to the blog - I needed to pick his brain for blogging material.

I heartily agreed and then promptly forgot about it.  Dude, December was a trip.  I feel like Thanksgiving was last week!

Anyway, I picked his brain for some of MY most burning questions.  Cause it's my blog and I'm nosy like that.  A couple of questions were tweeted at me when I begged for help, but they're mostly mine.

I have added my comments below his responses in blue.  Because the thought of anyone else getting the last word makes me feel cagey.

  • What do you remember about the first time you remember seeing her-before you knew her?
I remember that she caught my eye, and I am not one to have wandering eyes.  I had never experienced anything like it, she caught my eye in a black turtleneck and I remember thinking that I had never seen someone so beautiful in my life.  She truly radiated beauty – I swear there is a glow around her to this day.  It was Christmas time and even though I can barely remember a thing from Christmas last year I remember that moment like it was yesterday.

I remember Mr. RH from last Christmas - a girl at work thought he was cute (and I agreed!) but I said he was too young and cute for me.  He made me nervous because I thought he was a cool kid (unlike me, who is a dork). Dating lives and work intersect A LOT so there was always talk that someone needed to go ask him out.  I was just never suggested as that person.  Go figure!  He was just a little too good-looking for my tastes.
  • How did you first approach her – before you knew you were going to ask her out?
I visited her under the pretense of needing some help choosing between items in her store, just because I wanted an excuse to talk to her.  I liked her suggestion, so of course I bought it.  She passed my approval even though she clearly knew I was into her and she clearly was trying to shove me back out the door!

From the moment he said "Excuse me?", I just knew he was into me.  And I am positive that I was blushing red to the roots of my hair!  I, again, thought he was too good looking and a little too smooth.  He caught me with my back turned so I wasn't even mentally steeling myself to run away from him.  Cause if I had seen him I promise that I would have found an excuse to hide in the back room.  Cause I'm a maneater like that.

  • How did you ask her out for the first time?
This was an interesting story.  My boss (I worked across from her at the time) knew that I was working up to asking her out and he (along with everyone else at work) wanted to help make it happen.  So he went over and chatted her up about how great I was, but came back and told me he got into a little scuffle with her boss.  I, of course, was outraged and went over to apologize to her boss and play damage control, and then I was going to ask her out.  Poor Sarah was so mortified about what she knew was coming that she basically threw her phone number at me and kicked me out of her store!

His boss was reeeeally getting on my boss'(and my!) nerves.  He SO wanted to make a date happen.  I, on the other hand, was quite content (or so I lied) being single and I didn't have time to date anyway.  My boss was into it, thought he was cute and that I needed to get laid.  HER WORDS, not mine.  We are the height of professionalism.  I had a late late shift at work on the day he asked me out - the kind that requires sweatpants and a sports bra.  So what did I wear?  Cobalt blue (my power color), spandex pants (ba-donk-ka-donk), and a brand new push up bra.  Hey, I kinda sensed things were going in a certain direction!  Of course, as soon as I saw him coming (with my 4 coworkers standing a foot away STARING!), I knew I had to make this end quickly.  I threw my phone number on a sticky note at him and shoved him away.  Poor guy.  He texted me right after and I didn't reply for days.  I'm a bitch.
  • What were you thinking on the first date?  Any specific details that you remember?
I remember being so impressed and wanting to leave that same impression on her, because I just wondered how on Earth I could ever have that effect on anyone – let alone on her!  Many of her qualities were easily observed that first night, and I felt a little intimidated even though it felt more natural than any first date ever could have with anyone except The One.

I just remember not being very nervous considering it was my first date in 7ish years.  I just felt totally at ease.  Of course there were awkward moments but it really was just smooth sailing.  I felt intimidated by how cute he was and how comfortable he seemed in his own skin.  You can read my initial recap of our first date here.

  • What is the most memorable outfit she has worn in your presence?
There have been many, because I will be the first to tell you how stunning I think my girlfriend is in whatever she wears, but the little black dress she wore to the wedding we attended together would have to be a favorite.  I have never seen someone look so classically beautiful, so happy, so sexy, and so absolutely gorgeous that every single cliché about beauty seemed like it had been made about her, right at that moment.

Oh the CHEESE!  I can barely even handle it.  I am actually a little surprised that he picked this, although it makes sense because it's the only time I've been really dolled up in his presence.  I guess I need to find an excuse to dress up together again soon?  Although, to be fair, that dress fit me like a freaking glove.  It was pretty damn hot.
  •  What were you thinking when you first kissed her?
I was extremely  nervous, but just as excited.  I also was hesitant to kiss her because I knew she had a long day at work and would have preferred to be more dolled up for such a momentous occasion!  But I couldn’t resist anymore!

I knew he was nervous but he honestly seemed so CALM.  I was the one freaking out so hard I was practically begging for it.  It was a good first kiss, as good as it gets when Katy Perry is blasting in the background.  I was thinking "shiittttt we had Mexican for dinner, he's chewing gum, and I'm not!!!"  I was mortified, but at the same time wasn't worried.  I knew he wouldn't freak even if I smelled like a salsa factory. 
  • What is the weirdest thing you’ve done together?
Piled 4 of her best friends on top of me and her in her tiny little car.  6 people + luggage in a car designed for 5 (at best) was an interesting experience. 

This isn't weird to me at all.  Perhaps it's only because it's just another Friday night at a women's college after the bars?  Geesh, men.  They just don't know how to party!  Remind me to tell you about the time I drove home 6 drunks in an ice storm at 2 am.  Now that was an experience...
  • What is her most annoying habit?
Worrying, worrying, worrying!  I know it’s a shocker that my Sarah would ever need to control everything and when she can’t she worries, but I would not lie.  Tis true.

I think I worry the normal amount that women worry.  I do think I am a bit more observant than most people so I think I freak out more than other people... but if they saw what I see, they'd freak too!  
  • What are her best and worst domestic attributes?
Her best domestic attributes would be her delightful culinary talents!  She has many domestic qualities but she knows the way to my heart (through my belly).  Her worst domestic attribute?  She can be a teeeeensy bit cluttered.  Just a ttttttiiiiiinnnnnyyyyyy bit.

Tiny bit cluttered?  I'm a slob.  I'm not dirty-dirty, as in you won't find dirty dishes everywhere or food in random places.  But you will find clothes on any available surface and I can't tell you that last time I scrubbed my bath tub.  In my defense.... I don't have any defense.  I try! I get so sick of cleaning up after people at work that when I get home, all bets are off.

I asked Mr. RH if he thought that perhaps he was laying on the charm a bit thickly and he said no.  So there's that.
I had forgotten that, early in our relationship, I found him to be pretty intense.  Not bad in any way, just intense.  Intensely sweet, intensely caring... it was something I certainly had never seen in a man before.

Sigh.  Mr. RH.  Isn't he the greatest?

Maybe I'm just biased.

Part 2 to come later.

Questions (he wants more!)?  Comments from Mr. RH's adoring fans?  I know he'll be dying to read them all.  Please and thank you.

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tara said...

Yall are so cute! He sounds like a great catch! :)

Sweet Simplicity said...

He is so sweet! I love that he says "my Sarah".

the girl in the red shoes said...

LOVE this post! Mr. RH is so adorable!!!!

Karen said...

Love it! I want to know what is Mr. RH's favorite thing to eat that Sarah makes! She's posted so many good recipes, I don't know how I would pick!

Katie said...

I love reading your love story unfold here on the internet. So sweet!!! He's adorable, and you guys are so precious together!

Cheerful Homemaker said...

What does he want to do when he graduates?

PinkSass said...

This is the best. I'm just so happy for yall! xo

Natalie said...

What a sweet idea!!! Thanks for sharing Mr. RH with us :)

Jeanie said...

How nice of Mr. RH to bare his soul to all your readers! Tell him we appreciate it. You are a lucky girl.

Emily said...

I just love this! You two are so cute! I have been reading your blog for awhile now and I'm so happy for you!

SouthernBelleJM said...

just by the way he responds, i can SO tell he's an english teacher. very well versed:)

very sweet!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So instead of starting at the beginning and working my way to the present, I have decided to start here and work my way back. Great one to start with! Love you sister! <3 I think you know who I am ;) Here's to a long night ahead of me....

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