Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Like Getting Hit by Lightning

First of all, I forgot to post yesterday, but I feel very very thankful to all the people serving our country. Not only do we live in the most kickass country around, but we also have people making huge sacrifices to keep us safe. How lucky we are...


A couple of weeks ago, I got a weird, nondescript envelope in the mail.

I opened it up and at first I thought it was spam.

It's actually a letter from the Mail Recovery center in Atlanta indicating that the jacket I had purchased from New York & Co a couple of months ago somehow escaped its packaging.

Which means that instead of getting $50 back in my bank account, it is instead floating on the floor of a dirty mail sorting facility.

First, they ask you to fill out a description of the item and attach pictures if possible.

Ding ding! Two points for being an awesome blogger who talks about everything she buys.
Done and done.

They asked what to do with the item IF found.

Do I want it back? Not really.

Should they continue to send it to NY&Co? I guess so?

Here's the thing. I mailed it in April.

It's now almost June.

If they even find the coat (which seems a bit doubtful), it's going to be well past the return window to get my money back.

So what I'm saying is... I'm the unluckiest person, right? Does this happen to other people?

Is this the USPS's way of telling me I should always buy the insurance they offer?

Oh, and to top things off, they give you a stamped envelope to return the whole form with.

Guess who's envelope was ALREADY LICKED SHUT?
You win, USPS. I just want my $50 back. Plus $7 shipping.

Sooo not gonna happen.


This is really the first negative thing that has happened in all my online shopping pursuits, so I can't say that I'm completely furious or anything... but it does suck.

Am I as unlucky as getting struck by lighting or is this more like a daily car crash?

Has this happened to you?

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Short, Sweet, and Petite said...

That is so bizarre. I never even knew that something like this could happen! Hopefully you'll get your $50 (plus $7 in shipping) back!

Meg said...

Definitely sucky! I've never heard of such a thing, but I guess it makes sense that items would become separated from their package every now and again. Not that it doesn't blow, for sure. But what's up with the already-licked envelope? Just... I don't know. There are no words for that.

~Haley~ said...

Yeah the same thng JUST happened to me, except with a package sent out to a customer. AND I bought their stupid insurance & delivery confirmation, same thing... had to fill out that form & fax it in, and then they will contact me "IF" they find my package, it can be there for up to 90 days and if they don't connect the package with the info by then, they can destroy it. Even better. I hope you have better luck with it than I've been having!

Becca said...

Something similar happened to me once but it had nothing to do with clothes or anything I had paid for. So actually it's quite a different story but whatever. I'll still tell you! I got a letter from the post office several years ago with a ziploc bag full of chard pieces of paper. Turns out, a check I had sent in the mail years ago was in a mail truck that caught on fire and they were returning my burnt pieces of mail. How crazy is that?!

Hope you get your money back!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I haven't had them lose something like that in transit, although some packages come to me already opened with a little note of apology that it got messed up. I'm sorry that you had that happen! :(

etta said...

OMG how unlucky that even the envelope was licked shut? They'd definitely be getting it back with a little letter and a lot of scotch tape!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Oh my word that is so strange! I have never had that happen to me....I hope they find it!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

so weird! I'd be demanding my money back big time.

Full of Heart said...

Have you called your credit card company about this at all? It's not super well known, but most credit card companies have a whole division that deals with reimbursements and things like that. I bet if you called them and explained what happened (showing them pictures, etc.) that you'd actually have a pretty good chance of being reimbursed!

Andie said...

I was going to suggest calling your CC company or NY&Co and showing them the proof to see what they could do to help you.

I hate the post office for this exact reason. Once, I sent a gift to a friend with 3-4 pairs of shoes in it..... and only 1 pair made it to her- the box was resealed and everything. someone at the post office opened it to see what was in there, took out what they wanted and resealed it!

Taylor said...

That is weeeeird. Hope you get your money back!! Not to be stalker-ish but: do you live in Martinsville? I am in Roanoke!

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