Thursday, May 12, 2011

Baby Brother

I am having a crisis of identity over here, people. You see.... somewhere in the back of my brain, I'm definitely still a child. Not a girl... not yet a woman.

But reality is about to slap me in the face.

My baby brother graduates from college tomorrow.

My littler, smarter baby brother is going to be an engineer, officially, tomorrow.

I'm so proud I could totally cry with pride (and have, often).

We don't get along very well (my dad claims it's because I boss the baby around too much... I have no idea what he's talking about).

We look not very alike at all. We have very little in common. Unless you count "tormenting our dad" as something in common, because then we have it in spades.

And yet, he's my baybee brother and I'm a little sad he's all grown up.

I guess that means I'm no longer a college student?

Gosh, reality bites!

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PinkSass said...

Sing it girl "I'm not a girl....not yet a woman"

Ashley said...

I totally had a mind picture of you belting that song out on top of the grand canyon. ;)

Congrats to your baby brother. You are right. You don't look much alike, but I love that photo of you guys - so sweet.

Aly said...

Cute picture! It definitely is a bittersweet feeling! Congrats to little bro!

Café Moka said...

Congrats to your brother!

Meg said...

A hearty congrats to your baby brother! I cried buckets when my little sister graduated from college last year, and her boyfriend gets his diploma next week... sigh. I think it's a (painful) reminder of how long it's now been since I graduated, too, and a sign of my impending old age.

I turn 26 in July. I'm just freaking out a little.

Allison said...

Don't worry, you're still a spring chicken. What a nice family photo. Engineering is hard--congrats to the little bro. :)

Tiffany said...

Congratulations to him!! And girl, I hear you on this. My "baby" brother and I are SEVEN years apart so I just about freaking out when he graduated college last year. Then I turned 30 in march....I'm basically ancient!

Jess said...

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Rachel said...

My baby brother was born when I was 11. I am DYING now that he is DRIVING. mind can't comprehend the idea of him behind a wheel.He's still a baby in my mind!

Happy graduation day to your little bro :)

sarah nicole said...

I'm in that same in between place as well! And it's strange to feel not that grown up, but suddenly have all these adult responsibilities and see the same thing happen to your friends. I wonder if my parents still feel the same way. : )

I hope you are having a lovely weekend!



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