Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year, New Me!

So it's 2011. And I'm only 10 days late but this is where I tell you I'm going to be Healthier! And Smarter! And Spend Less! And Do More! And STUFF!

But seriously, why would this kitty change her spots now? Just when we were getting comfortable?

So I had another splurge at Forever 21 right before Christmas... let's dissect, shall we?

Rose Sweater Tunic, $18
Of course it's not actually long enough to be a tunic on me... but I really love purple, 3/4 sleeves, and v-necks. Keeper!

Glamour Bracelet, $10.5o
How is this not sold out?? It's amazing. A customer tried to snatch it off of me at work.

Rhinestone Rose Ring, $5.80
I ordered a size up from my last order... and it was too big. Good thing I ordered 2 sizes. Haha, sneaks!

Fab Basic Top, $6.50
You might be wondering why I'm showing you a shirt so tight that it looks like my boobs, ribs, and lunch are forming a deformed six pack... but this shirt is fantastic for layering. The wide v-neck is perfect cause it won't show under your cute layer-y things. FINALLY!

Cowl Neck Sweater Tunic, $11.50
In the pic on the left, this looks horrible... but I'm not gonna lie, I love it belted. What do you think? I'm indecisive on this one...

Next up, a coat! Never one to have tried F21's coats before... I had to give you a full review.

Herringbone Pea Coat, $34.80

The quality of this isn't bad, if a bit thin - but that's exactly what I was expecting. Style over actual warmth. I got a large because I had tried on a medium of a friend's and it was tiny. It looks too big on me, I think.

Next up, the Hooded Fleece Overcoat, $21.

Basically, this is a fleece that looks like a peacoat... but is the large size too big?? Do I look like I could smuggle babies and drugs under that bad boy??

And last but not least (as far as coats go), the Checkered Woven Coat, $34.80

Oh how I lusted for this coat. Lusted and prayed and wept that it would not sell out. Alas, it's still not sold out.

But I'm pretty sure there's a good reason for that.

(And this is where I curse the gods of all that is technology-related cause I can't upload a dang video.)

So, this jacket? Let's just say it's lined with the cheapest polyester fabric that seriously makes noise when you walk. A scratching, loud noise. Sounds like you forgot to take the plastic off of your clothes.

So horrible.

So despite being cuter than cute... the jacket has to go back. Weeeeep.

New obsession of the week? Pins. Big gaudy ones. I might become the girl that wears that big pin.

Perfectly awesome and blingy. Starburst Diamond Pin.

And then I had to go and order these ugly earrings.
Inappropriately huge and heavy. Anybody know of a DIY project for ugly heavy earrings?? I probably have 5 pair for that project...

No go on and be a dears and tell me if I need to keep the gray sweater and the red coat.

I think the other 2 jackets have to go back (even the super cute checked one... sobbb). Seriously, it's the loudest coat I've ever heard. So bad.

Ok, tell me what's ugly and what's not. It's tradition around here, and I hate to break from tradition.

Happy Monday!!

19 Classy Comments:

Krystal said...

Love your F21 haul. The red coat is cool but maybe a size smaller would be better! I always get a smaller size at F21 when I shop there... everything is meant to be so big and baggy nowadays and I just don't like it!!

and ps, i like the gray sweater unbelted! it doesn't make you look huge or anything!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Love the gray sweater belted! So cute! It's a keeper for sure. And I think the red coat is too big.

Sweet Simplicity said...

I love both the red coat and the brown tunic. Definitely keepers. I can't tell if the red coat is too big or not. I love me some fleece!

Aly said...

Love the sweater- it looks so cute with the belt. I think the coat is cute, but it looks a little too big. Love all your F21 finds!

The Shabby Princess said...

Yes, keep the gray sweater and the red coat--love them on you!

RAW said...

I'm loving that ring. Not too crazy about any of the coats. I am jealous, though, that you're able to find decent things at F21. I never have any luck so I don't even venture in there anymore.

LittleBlondeInABigCity said...

That bracelet is seriously to die for !!! SO JEALOUS.

In this wonderful life... said...

SUCH cute stuff! all the jackets are my favs! I need new ones.

Melissa said...

I think the tunic sweater looks cute both ways, but especially belted!

Kristen said...

I am seriously jealous of all your cute finds! I get so frustrated every time I go in F21 because it's so crowded and messy. Maybe I need some more patience...ha!

Anonymous said...

I love that bracelet!! I'm so picking one up when I go out today :)

amy (metz) walker said...

Love that bracelet. I would've tried to steal it, too! And may I say that in that tighter pink top, your body looks smoking hot! Just saying b/c it's always nice to hear!

etta said...

I like the first top. I remember seeing the pattern this summer on a t-shirt.

Allison said...

I don't think the coats look too big. I hate my coats too small--it's just uncomfortable and not warm that way.

Full of Heart said...

I say no to the sweater dress/tunic and yes to the red jacket which I actually REALLY want right now and need to go lust over a little.

Is there any way you could just cut the lining out of the checkered jacket? It's super cute and I'm sure the lining isn't really doing anything useful anyways.

kaitlin johnston said...

Super cute finds! I haven't had much luck at Forever 21 recently and it's so sad for me because I used to find SO much there! I love the plain basic shirt, because they are so useful for layering or just a simple look. The coats were all so cute (bummer about the noisy one). I won't be much help with any returns because I like them all!

Amy said...

I actually like your earrings! I'd take them off your hands. ;)

And your belted tunic is really cute. However, if you don't feel 100% about it, then just take it back. I'd rather feel sassy in an outfit I loved than question my purchase while it's on my body.

LOVE your coats!

Anonymous said...

I love that you love to shop. I personally can't stand it, but I am fascinated by people who enjoy it and get so much stuff for so little. Amazed really!

Mrs. Jones said...

I love, love, love the sweater tunic. I wonder if it would look right on me....

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