Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Nashville

Since I just posted about the wedding yesterday, I thought I'd post a little bit more about Nashville today.

Unfortunately, due to wedding craziness I didn't get in nearly as much sightseeing as I had wanted to. And I didn't even eat any cupcakes!!'

I know, it was a tragedy.

First off, I had the most amazingly strong margarita at Lime.

We ate dinner there and the food was meh... but the drinks were fantastic.

The bridal luncheon was on Friday and was at the Homestead Manor Plantation.

I believe we had the classic tea menu and it was fantastic. Unfortunately we had demolished the whole thing before I snapped any pics. Oops.

The bride made the most beautiful speech at the luncheon thanking her bridesmaids for all of their help. Then she gifted the bridesmaids with her "something blue" - which was sapphire rings and necklaces for each of them.

They were absolutely beautiful! I want one!

And finally, on the day of the wedding, we decided that we needed to see one last sight.

Did you know that Nashville has a full-scale replica of the Parthenon?

We had a full-out photo shoot there at 9 AM on the wedding day. So much fun!

I'm gonna spare you the rest of the pictures... we were ridiculous with lack of sleep.

All in all, Nashville is a beautiful city!! Everything was great (except for the traffic). I mean, I guess the traffic was typical for any city but I'm not used to city living.

Happy Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

What? No cupcakes!? Nashville has got to be the last place I would think there would be a faux Parthenon...that's pretty funny!!

PinkSass said...

The fact you didn't eat cupcakes freaks me out big time!

Charlie said...

ahhh this makes me want to visit the south! i've never been to nashville!

In this wonderful life... said...

I've never been to Nashville either! even your quick trip sounds great!

Anonymous said...

We love Nashville. We lived close to there in undergrad and loved going there for dinner and going out. And glad you guys could see the Parthenon.

Rachel said...

My husband went to Vanderbilt in Nashville. I love that city! I used to love going to visit him!!

Jennifer said...

thanks to your tip on the beautiful red dress from White House Black market...Wearing it tomorrow night when I go hear Rush Limbaugh in Philly! Thanks, Jennifer aka gigi

R said...

Any sapphire jewelry is worth lusting after if you ask me.

BTW...you've been tagged.


Perfectly Imperfect said...

I have yet to go to Nashville but have heard that it is a must see!

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