Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wine and Whine. Same Difference.

This week I have the best wine picture ever. Seriously, I am awesome.

(Ok, my dad thought of the idea. I am not original to save my life. Whatever, I'm OK with it.)

The wine of the week is Red Bicyclette.
Purchased because of the cute red bike on the label, obviously.

I was going to ride down the street with the wine in the water-bottle holder but then I realized this bike is set up for somebody over 6 feet tall.

And it also cost over a thousand dollars.

Which means I should not feel at all frivolous for wanting a $600 camera that I'm going to use for years and years, RIGHT?!

And I wasn't about to crash a thousand dollar bike for the Best Wine Picture Ever... so I just decided this was for the best.

What are you drinking this week tonight?

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little miss can't be wrong said...

too much!!

i'm a new follower.... great blog!

Anonymous said...

haha love it!

i just had a bottle of conundrum. DEFINITELY a very special occasion wine around my house, since it's regularly almost $30, and the average wine i drink costs...$6 a bottle? but i'm pretty sure you'd love conundrum!

melissa said...

Adorable picture! The bottle I have open now is a shiraz from a winemaker called Rockbare. It was a gift and the first time I've tried it, but I am really enjoying it.

How was the Red Bicyclette?

Carolyn @ life, love and puppy prints said...

This is too funny! Love it! :)

PinkSass said...

Love the pic!

Becky said...

that is a very cute and creative picture! I am drinking uhm...duh...probably coffee!

Becky said...

Also-I love having a nice camera. You can't take it out everywhere with you because it's bigger, but it takes great photos. If you can't get the camera now at LEAST get a good photo editing program like's cheaper than photoshop and you can make your photos really look professional and pop!

FashionAddict said...

LOL, this just made my day :)

Michelle said...

Yeah, I'm still wanting a big girl camera, too. *sigh*

I still need to get my newest POS cam fixed. But, this isn't a post about cameras.

Wine. Oh, how I'd love some. I haven't had any in ages. I need to change that.

Love the photo and the idea. ;) Kudos to you AND Dad.

Mindy said...

This is GREAT! haha. Especially since I just got into bike riding this summer. Who's bike is it?! I definitely got a Trek bike on the CHEAP end.
There's nothing wrong with buying that camera! I'm going to get the Canon Rebel t2i (hopefully soon).

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