Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Pringle Sneak

I'm not a huge junk food eater.

Oh wait, that's a lie.


So recently I've had this addiction to Whole Grain Pringles. They're like regular Pringles, but more delicious.

And recently, my little brother (home from college) has become an expert on the Pringle Sneak.

Let me show you.

Step 1: Spot Awesomely-Delicious Can of Pringles
Step 2: Get excited because they are un-opened for maximum stuffing-your-face.
Step 3: See someone has been tampering with your perfect snack.
Step 4: Rage. Who's been eating my SNAACK?!?!
The can is nearly empty.
But at least there were a delicious few left.

Have any of you had your delicious snacks stolen from under your nose?! And does PMS cause you to rage about it?

Yeah, me either!

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Shelby Bukhenik said...

hahah thats the worst...brothers are just lazy enough to leave the cover on making you think its a brand new case haha!

ty said...

that's some james bond steal-age!

Kaitlin said...

I get super mad when someone eats my tasty snacks. I turning into a crazy lady during that time of the month and it happens.

P.S. Multi-Grain pringles, how did I miss this amazing thing at the store!

Belle said...

Sneaky guy! My husband does this all the time!

THE Stephanie said...

A few months back, we had one lone Swiss Cake Roll that had been in the pantry for weeks. I had been trying not to eat it, and amazingly, my daughter hadn't eaten it either. Wouldn't you know that the ONE DAY I just had to have it, so did she. And she ate it right our from under me.

KatiPet said...

Last week my boyfriend bought me some of my favorite Lindt chocolates. He brings over the bag only for me to find out he ate half of the bag in the car on the way to my place! He attempted to cover it up, but seriously, half the bag is kind of obvious! Ridiculous!

designHER Momma said...

my perfect snack is the new cheese-it's "duoz". If anyone even messes, mama will rage. seriously.

Rachel said...

My husband knows me well enough now to know that he CANNOT do this sort of thing. He knows there are severe consequences for eating something I was planning on enjoying later. My old college roommates though...they're another story. They used to always steal my very healthy snacks (chocolate, salt and vinegar chips, ya know!) and try to cover it up. This led to MANY a fights in my 7 girl house!!

I soooooo feel your pain!

Sabrina said...

Haha, *lol* Oh yes, I know that. My little host-sister would always steal my older host-sister's snacks. She would hide them, but the little one would always find them. She's got a nose for these things.

Lo said...

That's too funny! I didn't know there were multi grain pringles! That is awesome! Do they come in different flavors.

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