Monday, June 14, 2010

Ginormous is All About Perspective

I've probably mentioned around here that I'm moving. Less than 2 weeks to go.

(Cue panic attack.)

One of the reasons I'm most excited to move is my new closet. You see, in the rental house I'm in now, there is a teeny-tiny closet. It's embarrassing. My clothes literally explode out of it.

Since I don't have to work until this afternoon, I thought I'd move some of my extra clothes over there this morning. The ones I won't want to wear in the next two weeks, slash the ones that I never wear anyways but can't bear to get rid of for no good reason.
So how is it that these non-necessary clothes take up like a whole third of my ginormous closet?!

Apparently ginormous isn't really all that ginormous.


Speaking of moving, I hate moving. My stuff likes to sprawl out.... and containing it all in boxes and storage and blah blah blah - I hate it.


And also speaking of moving... I am moving right along at work too. I am in the process of moving to a different location and helping settle in my replacement. I am really not looking forward to breaking the news to my staff. I think it might get a little hostile.



So what I'm trying to say is... ugh! Who else needs a vacation?

And where should we go?

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Carly said...

I'm so jealous you're moving up in size! My closet is an itty bitty baby. It's sad how much stuff I've managed to stuff in there. Sometimes I forget about clothes I have because they're so hidden.

Good luck moving! And for a vacay spot - I recommend Charleston. That's where I live and I LOVE it. :)

the girl in the red shoes said...

First, your closet is amazing! I have those extra clothes too...that you still like but never wear and can bear to get rid of. We need to finally break down and purge! Good luck with both of the moves....hopefully it will be over befor you know it, and you can catch a break. Maybe Vegas? Or Mexico? Or Hawaii?

Taylor said...

I loathe moving. I moved last month and it was a long and drawn out process and I told my husband Im never doing it again, or until the military says we have to. I hope both your moves go smoothly!

THE Stephanie said...

I'm with you - I HATE moving! We'll be moving next year and although I'm looking forward to the new house, I'm not looking for you packing up my family and nearly 10 years worth of crap. YUK!

Jane said...

Did you get the shorter commute???

PinkLouLou said...

ditto on moving and ditto on vacay. Lets go to Bora Bora... ha.

Beatriz said...

I SO feel you right now!! I am in the middle of moving and it totally sucks... I feel bad for my readers and my crazy moving posts because I am going OUT OF MY MIND. Ugh!! Hope you get everything done soon!


Anonymous said...

Even with all of the bad stuff that's happened at our apartment, the roaches, the flooding, the toilet overflows, I am SO SO SO FREAKING EXCITED that we are NOT moving this year!! It's the first year since 2005 that I have not moved 1-3 times and it is HEAVEN.

PS I want to vacation in your new closet! You still have all of that shelf space, so it hasn't taken up a full third! And if you really need more hanging space, I have a rod extension thing from the container store. You hook it onto a rod and it creates a second rod below, which is really great for having tops up top and pants/skirts down on the bottom "new" rod. And the best part of that was that it cost just $10!!

Sabrina said...

Moving is so exciting but when you actually have to do it quite a lot within a short period of time it can get quite stressful.
I wish you all the best, hope all your moves go smooth!

Miss E said...

oh gosh you are the same sort of situation as I am... I'm moving the 1st and I am sort of afraid about having to move ALL my clothes, well all my stuff in general.

Tarver said...

I am SO jealous of that closet, mine is so ridiculously small.

Clemson Girl said...

I hate packing too! I've moved too many times and packed too many boxes. I feel your pain.

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