Monday, May 17, 2010

My Sunday Night

Last night, I arrived home from work and immediately got to eatin'. Cause there's nothing like an 8-hour workday to make me STARVING.

Anyways, on my drive home I got to thinking that I needed some carbs for breakfast food this week. And just like that, I decided I needed to whip up a batch of cornbread muffins.

I'm baking away when one of my college roommates called... we chatted.

And then it hits me.

Does every 24-year-old stay at home on Sunday nights churning out double batches of cornbread muffins?
I hope not - because otherwise I am losing out on my only unique feature.

Excellent baking skills and carb love.

Somewhere out there my dream man is waiting on me. With open arms and a sky-high metabolism.

(Cause seriously, I don't think I can marry anyone with a slow metabolism... I'll out-eat them in a second. Hell, given the chance I'd probably eat him for breakfast. Not ok.)

And then it hit me again: I am really freaking strange.

Do you have any strange habits?

Say, an obsessive need to bake more carbs?

Yeah, me either.

Happy Monday!

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R said...

I am so glad I'm not the only mid-20something with weird little quirks. Makes me feel way more "normal"

THE Stephanie said...

Ha ha! Those muffins looks good... I may need to make some!

The Shabby Princess said...

Sounds like my Sunday night. I made poppyseed muffins last night. And might have eaten ohhh three right out of the oven. For quality control purposes, of course ;)

Sara said...

OOH! Now I know what I'm taking to a potluck dinner tonight! Those babies look DELISH!

Sarah said...

I bake things up at midnight. It like I get cravings to bake but not eat it. I don't eat many of the things I make. My boyfriend benefits from this greatly! LOL. He is always making fun of me because he'll call me up and ask what I'm doing and I'll say baking a cake of course lol.

etta said...

I'd rather stay home than go out most nights. Everyone has their silly little hobbies. Mine are all "old lady" ones, apparently.

Gwen said...

Girl you can come to my house and share that strange baking habit with my family any day. I'm sure my taste buds would thank you too. :) XOXO

capperson said...

Those look yummy! I am only 19 and I already have those quirks. I love to bake and cook! Hopefully I find a man one day that appreciates it :)

Whitney said...

HAHA! Love this :-) Made me laugh. I'm 22 and... oh my god, I have some real weird quirks. ( eeer atleast Pat thinks they are, BUT to me they are normal ;-) )

Aly said...

I don't think we could be more alike! I love to eat, and Ben kinda makes fun of me for it. I definitely out-eat him daily, and that's not okay! There are plenty nights when I stay up till 12 baking just because I love to do it!

Michelle said...

I'm quirky...but I think you knew that already! ;)

I have an unhealthy obsession with carbs. It's sick. Sick, but soooooo good. And, why stop a good thing, right?

Anonymous said...

My name is Stacy and I'm a carbaholic! Did I comment on your "wakey, wakey, time for cakey" post? I meant to. that is totally me! those muffins look damn good!

Becky said...

There is nothing wrong with that girlie! And people who don't eat carbs are MEAN...have you noticed that? Carbs makes the world a happier place and most men LOVE carbs so maybe the next time you see a hot guy flirting with you...just offer him a cornbread muffin and the rest will be history!

In this wonderful life... said...

your dream man will be a lucky one!!

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