Friday, April 9, 2010

The One Where a Dress Almost Killed Me

Last week on Twitter, I was all, "Dude, I hath discovered a multitude of beautiful dresses."

And then everyone replied "Yeah, I wore Delias in the 8th grade. What's your point?"

And I looked at the measurements and the dresses were long. Supposedly, long enough to get to my knees.

Hallelujah. Whip out credit card. Purchase.

Wait a few days.

Dresses on doorstep. Whee excitement!

Womp disappointment.

Left, Emilyn Grecian Knit Dress
Right, Regina Chambray Dress

The black dress has the most beautiful wrap detailing on the bust... but, as you can see in my picture, it's a wee bit short. Which is what I'm staring at in the picture. (Not my boobs.)

The other dress is a cute combo... but that's all I can say nice about it.

So, I get the second dress on. The waist band thing is not stretchy at all. So this takes some doing and yanking - but I got it on.

I take a picture. Done.

And when I go to remove the dress... nothing happens.

Because I can't get it off. It's as tight as can be around my waist - and it is not coming off. Not up over my shoulders and not down over my behind.

Uh oh.

Because the dresses are too short on me (yes, I realize that they don't seem super short standing up... but I do have to sit. And that ain't workin.), I wanted to return them. But I doubt Delias was going to accept a dress that had been cut off of my body.

I struggled out of the dress for TWENTY MINUTES. TWENTY.

And every single minute felt like an hour.

And at the end of that 20 minutes.... I collapsed into a pile on the floor.

Seriously the worst 20 minutes of my recent life.

The End.

Have you had any near fashion disasters?

30 Classy Comments:

sHp said...

Ahhhh I've so been there! ha ha ha

Hope you're having a great day!

PS - You still look gorg in both!!!!!!!!!!!

Bethany said...

Too funny! Yes, I have had many difficulties getting out of quite a few dresses. It is exhausting. One experience with a Meridan strapless top in a dressing room at Lilly Pulitzer was particularly distressing. Happy Friday. xoxo

Gracie Beth said...

I own that second dress! I don't have that problem though but then again I had to buy it so it would fit my chest.

PinkSass said...

Dude only you! Totally cracking up.

But omg I've been there before and it's the worst feeling EVER! I get total Claustrophobia.

The only Delias dresses that work for me are there maxis.

Whitney said...

I get Delias too... my sisters are younger and shop there and I think some fo the stuff is sooo cute! :)

Love your dresses!

Shelby Bukhenik said...

What a let down!! I would have been crying if it took me that long to get a dress off!

Kaitlin said...

Sorry you did not have a good experience.

That has happened to me a couple of times when I am trying clothes on shopping, and then I start to panick because I am stuck in a store and fighting to get out. Sometimes I have fought so hard to get something off that I feel sore afterwards. Haha.

Have to admit though I love the dress on the right! We have a delias store in our mall, do you?

Becky said...

Those dresses look great on you despite the length! And the first one makes your boobies look good LOL! I used to get the Delias catalog in the mail...Once I ordered some jeans on Ebay and couldn't get them on...well, turns out they were a children's size! duh! They wouldn't go past my knees! Cute dresses here too :

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

haha, I've had moments like that in dressing rooms where I was completely stuck. It's a real problem if the dressing room is really small and the door has huge gaps at the top and bottom (ahem jcrew) so you're really limited in the "moves" you can pull to get the dress off. :)

I ordered a couple dresses from delias a couple years ago that I thought were really cute, of course neither worked when I got them so I tried to return them through the mail. I never got my money back so several weeks after they received them I called them back, they said they could only offer me a merchandise credit, no refund. A few months later I went to use the merchandise credit and it no longer worked. A few more calls to customer service and they somehow had no record of my credit and said it must have expired... To this day I refuse to go back to the sister had a very similar experience as well.

California Wife said...

Just found your blog and see that you're a fellow Indiana girl! After getting married this summer we moved to CA, but I'm a true IN girl at heart.

Love your blog!

Taryn said...

Haha! Too funny, but sad because that second dress is super cute!

I feel your pain...I once got stuck while trying on a prom dress at one of those fancy boutique shops. My best friend finally had to come in and literally peel it off of me!

Clemson Girl said...

If I get stuck in clothes I start to panick. Reading this made me feel uncomfortable haha. Glad you didn't have to cut it off.

Lucky in Love said...


So on the morning of my wedding, one of my bridesmaids shows up at the house I was staying at at approximately 8:30 in the morning. She is already wearing her dress. My wedding is at 6:00??

We were like, um, what the heck are you doing already wearing the dress? Apparently she had tried it on the night before and the zipper had gotten stuck...and she couldn't get it off! And really, it was impossible. So she was wearing the dress...with yoga pants on underneath...and a red zip up hoodie over it. The people at the salon were apparently laughing at her behind her back until we told them the story because they thought she was dressed in some sort of weird bohemian thing.

So clearly the thing was a wrinkled mess. I mean, she slept in it! So my MOH took her to a laundry mat and steamed the dress with her in it.

She cut it off at the end of the night. Right up the back.


Ashley said...

You've gotta be careful with Delias-- their stuff is super short!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. I had this very same experience once, but not in the comfort of my own a dressing room. I tried on a halter top and couldn't get it off for the life of me. Finally, by divine intervention I was able to wiggle out of it but practically dislodged my shoulder in the process. The worst part of the whole ordeal was that since the halter was form fitting I took off my bra to try it on, and really broke out in a sweat thinking about asking a salesperson to help me get out of the obviously too-small top with my boobs on display.

Heather @ Brace Yourselves said...

I don't know how you wiggled and tried to get out of it for 20 minutes! I would have a had a total claustrophobia panic attack! And then cut myself out!

The Random Blogette said...

I have gotten stuck in dresses in a dressing room before. I always make sure to take someone dress shopping with me just in case it happens again!

Trina said...

lol YES! My Justin cowgirl boots. They don't have zippers {what the heck is that all about?} so you have to just slide your foot in. Well they came in the mail and I attempted to try them on. They were snug but I was determined to get my foot in it because those things were NOT CHEAP. So I pushed and pushed. THen I went to pull it off and NOTHING! I should have known better. I was home alone and couldn't get the boot off. I texted hubby and told him my boot was stuck and I needed him home ASAP. He came to my rescue.

I didn't return them because I figured since they were leather they would loosen up. To this day I still need help getting them off. LOL

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh, how funny! I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time though. I haven't ordered anything from there in years, so I doubt I could fit their stuff either.

Anonymous said...

I used to love paging through Delia's catalogs when I was in junior high. And I've had a few Oh-shit-I-can't-get-out-of-this moments myself, usually when I see something really cute but two sizes too small and I stubbornly try it on anyways. Going on it's fine, but taking it off involves some strange shimmying maneuvers and panic in the dressing room.

MrsDixon said...

I totally remember this magazine! Bummer they didn't work out!!

Sarah said...

I actually worked at Delia's during college... And even then I struggled at finding things that were appropriate (and I was only 21!)... Either too short, not enough room in the bust... Their clothes are definitely made for a pre-teen's body.

I think almost everyone has had the "I'm stuck in a dress and I can't get out" moment at least once in their life. Lucky for you, though, you were at home. Not in a dressing room sweating, crying, having a panic attack because you struggled to get the zipper up... and then (shocker!) you can't quite get it down!

Andhari said...

But they're so cute. Was thinking for that forst dress you can wear really sheer leggings, that'd be cute. But having to sweart to get out of that dress would be annoying, as you said :(

Oughta Say No said...

I once got stuck in a dress in the fitting room. I was in total panic. I thought not only was I going to be stuck in the dress forever but I was going to sweat myself to death or pee out of klausterphobic fear of being stuck in it and have to purchase the damn thing.

KAC said...

Hahaha I've totally had those moments before but I was in a fitting room and then it's awful because I was sweating like crazy and I was terrified of ripping the dress. One of the most awful feelings ever!

In this wonderful life... said...

oh boo! :( They are cute dresses though! The trying to get out of the clothes part sounds like me trying to try on normal clothes when 8 months pregnant! haha

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Bahahaha, yeah I grew out of Delias a few years ago. The second dress def LOOKS cute, but I'm sorry about that painful experience!

Sweet Simplicity said...

I like the second dress. Too bad you can't get it off! Otherwise I would say keep it!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, this happens to me all.the.time. Sucks to be tall somedays!!

Faux Trixie said...

Yikes! That happened to me in Anthropologie once, when I was trying on one of their quirky dresses. I was in the dressing room and was stuck inside the dress, spending a good 20 minutes struggling out of it. I think I had to shadily break the zipper. Whoops. Then I sketched and put it back on the rack.

Sorry anthrolopologie and your super overpriced quirky dresses that aren't flattering at all.

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