Tuesday, March 2, 2010

F21 Picks: The Boring Edition

Have you ever been super excited about something only to find out that you shouldn't have gotten your hopes up? (Side note: gotten? got? What is the correct word in that sentence? I have no clue.)


So a week or so ago I decided I needed some cheap shirts for the new job. Unfortunately for me, the new job dictates black and white tops. That's it.

So I ordered all the F21 tops that were white and had sleeves. Most of them do NOT have sleeves.

So I shall save you the same mistakes I have made.

The Ann Marie Tunic. (No longer available online, that I could find. Not that you'd want it.) Also known as "Hi, I know you saw me last week but in that week I've become 4 months pregnant. Say hello to Muffin!"
As another side note, I'd like to mention the fact that this is a good 2 inches LONGER than some of the F21 dresses I own. What the heck?

Next up: The Shannon Knit Top (also sold out online, I think). This one really had potential. Despite the faux-gut it created on me (hey, I'm gonna maintain it's a faux gut until some blogger hugs me in person and proves that it isn't!)

Alas, this is a big fat fail. Why? Because the arms have this banded sleeve that cut of my circulation in the 45 seconds it took to snap this photo. Seriously. It hurt.

Of course, a painful fashion fail always hurts.

Next up: Ruffle Front Shirt w/ Belt. (Wow, F21 outdid itself with creativity on that name!)

Despite the fact that it's sheer as heck... I think I might keep this one. Maybe if I wash and dry it (violating my F21 laundering rules, but whatever)... it won't be so sheer.

I can always wear a cami.

And last but not least a fun one I bought for non-work purposes.

The Cowl Knit Top.
I'm pretty sure the hunch back was created by this top. Or else I became the Hunchback of Notre Dame overnight.

It's a toss up there.

I still haven't tried on the "Elastic Denim Pants" I ordered... I feel like the comedy of me trying to put on those pants is worth it's own post.

Maybe I should vlog the process?

Although then somebody's gonna flag my blog as p*rn. Which would be weird.

Have you bought anything cute lately? (F21 or otherwise!) Cause this big fat working girl paycheck is getting bored in my bank account!

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Annie said...

Oh my goodness, you are farthest away from being fat so don't even say that! I can see what you mean about the first shirt (it is the shirt though, not you). Maybe you could try some other places to find some? Would Target have some cute ones? Good luck in your search. I feel confident that you'll find some black/white that you love! :)

Patience said...

Nothing is worse then getting your hopes up and then it arrives and you are like wtf? I think the third shirt has some potential. Good luck on your search.

LawGirl said...

I do like the third shirt. With a cami under it it should be fine! The other, well, not so flattering. Especially the hunchback shirt.

Do you have an H&M near you? I always find cheap but good work clothes there.

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I think those are cute! Isn't Forever 21's return policy pretty much non-existent because they don't take returns? I know our store here doesn't let you return stuff. :(

melissa said...

It's been my experience that a good, inexpensive white shirt is hard to find. They're always too sheer. But, you don't have to break the bank. I've found some good white tops at the Gap & Banana Republic at a reasonable price, particularly when you catch one of their sales. (And they always seem to be having a sale.) Try AT Loft too.

The only cute things I've found lately have been sundresses from Anthropologie. And they're all still hanging in my closet with the tags on b/c it still isn't warm enough to wear them. Boo!

Lauren @ Dreams Take Flight said...

I do like the last two tops! The Forever 21 by me just rented out the space that used to be a Dillard's, so it's going to be the size of a department store. I think this spells trouble. :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have a F21 near you? I hate their return policy. The last time I was in, there were some cute white tops! I tried a few on and they looked ok. I'll try to find them on the website and forward them to you! What kind are you looking for - collared, tunic, layering, lace? They have some really cute lace tops right now!

Thomasina said...

The only thing I have ever purchased from Forever 21 is jewelery. I love the cheapy earrings because if I lose one (which I usually do)I don't freak out. Try Old Navy, they usually have some cute white tops.

jassy_onya'e said...

Love this Post, and I also can relate to some of F21 shirts. Now I am addicted to shopping at F21, i even collect the bright colored yellow bags =]
But For sure I think the white blouse with the brown thin belt looked fab on you. Turn the brown into black with some cute black classy skinny jeans and you have your self an outfit. I have ordered a gorgeous coral cardigan, with a classy black skirt, and some pumps that didn't yell ho. So yes F21 has done me good. I am more of an online shopper. But have become pro

mrs.mfc said...

hilarious!!! What a shame that you didn't have much luck with the clothes. Oh my, the vlog would be great.. maybe you could just time yourself and let us know how long it took start to finish.. that would probably be funny. Although NOT as funny as watching the process ;)

That first one is just terrrrrible!! Booo.

OHmommy said...

Just got the JCrew "minnie" pants and am in love. Got them in 2 colors! They have them in black too.

Comfy like leggings but mature like riding pants. They fit like a glove.

-Lauren said...

I was laughing reading this, not at you, but hopefully with you. I could just hear myself saying those same things. I continue to order from F21, and I continue to crawl into a hole after I try on all my not so fab purchases. You made me smile!

Silvia said...

First you are so not fat. You are just perfect my dear friend! I have never bought anything from that store but for clothing on a budget-- I recommend Ann Taylor LOft :)

In this wonderful life... said...

I think you have the same luck as I do when ordering online. you still look cute in them!

Sara said...

There is nothing worse than being excited about an online purchase and then being totally disappointed when it finally shows up - and isn't even CLOSE to what you expected.

Have you tried The Limited? They are my all time favorite store and they always have good sales going on. The have some really cute white tops with little embellishments on sale right now. Also try Ann Taylor Loft and the Gap for good basics.

The Pink Chick said...

Oh no! I am so sorry your purchases didn't work out. I hate when that happens! It is always so disappointing!

Cole said...

The last two look pretty promising - I think!

Taylor said...

F21 used to be my favorite store but it has become so hit and miss in the recent years. I hate going into the actual store because I can't see the clothes because everything is so crammed packed together!

I did go this past weekend and saw something paired together, but ofcourse they didn't have my size. Luckily, I was able to order it online.

Question, it said I would get an email shortly.. that was 26 hours ago. Are they good about getting their orders out quick?

etta said...

"elastic denim pants"??? I'm concerned.

a H.I.T. said...

That happens to me when I order from Old Navy ALL.The.Time. So annoying.

Trina said...

I find all the white tops I get from F21 are sheer. Such a let down.

A vlog would be hilarious!

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