Friday, January 15, 2010

One Fab Giveaway

I have been a huge fan of Classy in Philadelphia's blog for.... basically forever.

She's giving away a fab piece of jewelry from LuShae jewelry.

Giveaway ends this Saturday... so go forth and enter!!

3 Classy Comments:

Andhari said...

She's a sweetheart, just like you. You guys have a bunch of things in common :)

Classy in Philadelphia said...

I. Love. You.

Please come roadtrip to Philadelphia...I swear, I'll be the best host ever and I'll take you shopping in the will be in heaven!

Tess said...

Hysterical post. My justification is, if everything is on sale - there is absolutley no problem with daily shopping. It's just smart, logical, helping-the-economy winning!

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