Tuesday, January 12, 2010

F21 Jeans

First off, if you haven't seen my frantic tweeting/blogging yesterday - I broke my blog. It appears to be fixed now... so anyways. Yesterday's post was about The Boy. Feel free to catch up.
So when I posted about my F21 jeans purchase last week several of you wanted to know how they ended up fitting and looking.

First off, I only put them in the dryer for a few minutes and I'm pretty sure I lost at least an inch of length. Since I bought them to tuck into boots, that was just fine with me.

The color is a super dark blue and I love it. However. The dye in these pants is STINKY. It's happened to me once before with a pair of jeans from Express... but ugh. Even after a thorough washing, they just smell funny. I'm giving them a 2nd washing today but I think it might take quite a few washes to get the stink out.

They are low low rise. Obviously, they are from F21 so that wasn't unexpected.

In the past, I have had a huge problem with jeans stretching out. I had a pair once upon a time from Old Navy that I think grew 2 sizes anytime I put them on... but would shrink up nice and tight with some time in the dryer. Much to my surprise, these do not really stretch out, so they don't end up riding around my ankles. Excellent.

All in all - for $9.50 - they're the best jeans purchase I've ever made. Definitely going to get my wear outta these.
Remember lats week how I was going to dig myself out of a paper hole??

Yeah, still haven't done it. But this day is stretching out before me and I've got nothing but time. And waiting for the dang phone to ring. (Good job juju, please?)

Happy Tuesday everyone! Feel free to tell me I'm not the only procrastinator/time waster out there.

And also, Sarah from Pennsylvania - it totally wasn't you stalking my blog but HI! You should totally start a blog! I'll most definitely read it!

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J-ezzy said...

You are simply too cute for words, I simply love reading all your blog posts!

Back to the subject :), luckily express jeans never gave off a smell to me, but other "cheaper" jeans have, including F21. My gripe with F21 jeans is the fit...maybe my butt is too big, or thighs, but I never find the right size without it smashing my va-jay-jay or drooping on me (I'm a size 0...how hard can this be?!). It must be the fact I'm barely 5 feet tall and need to learn how to tailor my own stuff (it's a 2010 goal and I have two gals to join me in taking classes!).

So, I'm glad they work for you! I'd like to see a pic of you strutting them!


J-ezzy said...

BTW - I am such a huge procrastinator, it feels like it's in my blood! Sometimes I work better under a tight deadline anyways!

Lindsey said...

I have these same jeans and absolutely love them but am having the same issue with the smell and I've washed them 5+ times! It's unfortunate because I don't want to wear them and have people notice the smell but they fit so great! Love your blog!

Brittany said...

Did you wear your 'normal' size in F21? I'm looking at the size chart but was curious! Thank you, jean queen. :)

etta said...

I bought two pair of jeans from GAP last March that now look nothing like they did because of the shrinking. I really need to stop putting them in the dryer. They were really long when I got them. After drying them, one pair is a good 2-3" shorter. Uggggh.. I need new jeans, but am putting it off while I continue to lose weight.

Andhari said...

I haven't bought F21 jeans but jeans from Zara have the same problems. :/

A Wedding Story said...

Jeans for 9.50? Whoa.

Classy in Philadelphia said...

Ah! Glad the jeans fit..weird that they are stinky..that's never happened to me!

Weeksie50 said...

Ugh-Jeans that grow when you wear them are the worst..

a H.I.T. said...

I've bought a bunch of tanks for sleeping in from F21 and they've lasted almost my entire pregnancy! I love that store.

Tess said...

I know what you mean about the small - BUT what is worse, I have been buying darker washes in designer jeans (sevens and citizens) and the BLEED all over me! I always cross my legs and put my hands under my thighs - well my hands look like they belong on a dead body because they get stained blue!

I honestly would take the smell over blue legs! ;)

Thomasina said...

Although I don't have much free time to waste, I some how still manage to procrastinate! It's who I am at times, and at other times I'm all about getting things done. It just depends on the day I suppose.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

wow, great deal on the jeans=)! I'm with you about jeans stretching too, love when they hold their size (but still give a little stretch forgiveness ;-)) and you are definitely not the only paper procrastinator, oh boy, I have some sorting and filing to do too=)!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

I have those exact jeans from F21 and you're right, they STINK!! But mine quit smelling after the third wash or so - hanging them up with some air around them help with that, too. Mine don't stink anymore. Better yet, they keep their shape exceptionally well and don't loosen up after the first wearing. Finally, they don't roll over at the waist band if they're just a bit too tight. I find them long; I'm 5'4" and I wear a size 30. I tuck them into skinny boots and they are so flattering. Definitely a great jean!

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