Thursday, December 3, 2009

All I Want for Christmas is...

I have no clue.

I am literally the worst person to buy gifts for. WORST. Honestly, I think The Boy could reason that the best side-effect of dumping me is the fact that he didn't have to buy me Christmas or birthday presents.

Let's start with the fact that I can't make a list of things I want. I suck at it. Occasionally I can come up with a couple of things, but usually the gift-givers complain that my wisher are too utilitarian or boring... so I am a horrible "wisher."

Next up, I am OCD about shopping. We all know I'm a shopaholic - and I hate - HATE HATE when someone pays too much for a gift. For example, one year The Boy got me a robe from Victoria's Secret. LOVED the robe, it was perfect... blah blah. Then I come to find out he paid $100 for it. One hundred dollars. I swear the look on my face was probably the same look the incredible hulk gets. Because the shopaholic in me KNEW that in a month at the Semi-Annual sale he could have got the same robe for $40. And, big mouth that I am, I freak out about money and can't resist telling him how to purchase a robe correctly. In other words, I'm a prize bitch, y'all!

And last but not least, I hate surprises. The Boy once made me a gift. Something totally impractical and not at all suited to my current lot in life. It took him hours and hours - you could tell that from seeing it right away. And yet. It was so impractical. It was basically a piece of home decor that I had zero space or location for. And I kinda freaked - I mean, what was I supposed to do with this "work of art?"

So yeah, I am horrible at presents. In the words of Santa, I have defintely been naughty and probably don't deserve anything at all this year.

Oh wait, it was my dad who said that.

So, said father is starting to freak because my Christmas list is empty. Especially knowing he doesn't like to shop online and the fact that most of the stores I want stuff from are not in Smalltown, Indiana..... I'm stuck.

So far he is getting me:

Two pairs of Victoria's Secret Yoga Leggings, which I ordered last night. Although the gray pair is back-ordered so there will only be 1 pair by Christmas. Is it weird that my dad is giving me the gift of "non pants" - yes.

He is also getting me the Shawl Collar Skinny Cardigan from American Eagle. I ordered it in 2 sizes and then I ordered 2 sizes for my cousin's Christmas gift. I still haven't tried them on even though all 4 sweaters have been sitting on my bedroom floor since Tuesday... and I really wish I'd bought the lighter gray color. Damn!

And last but not least, he has decided to repossess the coat I bought way back when and regift it to me for Christmas. Since I haven't worn it yet I guess it counts, right? And hey, at least I'll have some money in my bank account again. Yay for that! (Coat by Old Navy)

These 3 items together I paid less than $100 for. (See, I KNOW how to shop. The price of them all right now is way more than that.... gosh, I'm such a good shopper. PAT ON THE BACK.)

Ok, anyways. On Christmas day my brother will have some random-ass video game to play and I will be sitting and staring at my pile of clothes bored out of my mind.

I want an iPod touch but my dad refuses, saying that it would just encourage my Twitter obsession and blog reading. So yeah, not going to happen.

Plus, he just got me this lil guy last year:

See, I even have gift-receiving remorse from last year. If I had held out on an iPod last Christmas I totally could've gotten the iPod touch this year. Boo.

Ok, so I just wrote a LOT of pointless crap to say this:

What's on your Christmas list? I need suggestions!

This is my list:

  • Books. (If you think my dad is going to randomly pick a book for me, you're insane.... what books are on your wishlist? I've got nothing!)
  • iTunes Gift Card (wow, this is a lame, generic request.)
  • Target Gift Card (because I like to waste time and money at Target, duh!)
And I think that's it. That's IT. Seriously, I am supposed to be materialistic and a shopaholic... but that's all I've got.


If you love me, tell me what's on your Christmas list this year. Even if you don't think I'd add it to mine - I still want to know.

And also - have you been naughty or nice this year?

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20 Classy Comments:

V for Vertigo said...

I always ask for a Borders or B&N gift card because I love books. Yet I rarely get those. This year, I asked for something I hated when I was a kid--underwear and socks and gift cards for clothes. I'm finding some of my clothes are starting to have holes in them and need to be replaced. It's a lame list but I need them!

Since you're a shopaholic, do you actually wear or use all the stuff you buy or are they buried in the back of your closet like Rebecca Bloomwood?

Whitney said...

I have been naughty... woops, I meant nice. So "Santa" better be visiting me this year.

I too am not sure what I want for Christmas. I'd like a rock from Tiffany's but I don't think that will be happening anytime soon because the ring I want it oooh... $10,000! LOL But in all seriousness I wouldn't mind a new camera, West Elm bedding, gift cards to Pottery Barn and Target, etc!

Anonymous said...

You're hilarious, LOL! I loved this post and am a smidgen (A LOT) jealous of your sweet scores! You are a gifted shopper! :)

Jennifer said...

I had the same problem this year. There really wasn't one item I really wanted for Christmas. My dad always gives me money and my mom picks out surprises and takes me shopping. Well, the fiancee usually just buys something that I have been hinting about like jewelry or a purse or something, but this year I had no idea what to hint at. I ended up sending him a list after he begged me to full of links to clothes to buy me and a charm for my charm bracelet. Then he suggested the Kindle. I really wanted it, but thought it was above the budget. I am pretty sure I am going to get that now, even though he says it just didn't come together this year and maybe next year. My first book I am going to read on it is Twilight. I also really want to read My Sister's Keeper.

Southern Belle said...

I really want the Sookie Stackhouse set of books. This what HBO's True Blood is based on. I heard they're like Twilight books for adults.

etta said...

My Christmas list is strangely empty this year as well. I had to come up with some things for my mom and aunt to get me, so I know what I'm getting from them. For my list for my husband, I have three things on it -- two books and a pair of fake Uggs from Old Navy to wear around the house. I asked for Dave Ramsey's book about saving money and being super cheap. I also asked for the Farm Chicks cookbook. My aunt is getting me the Pioneer Woman cookbook.

mWm said...

My biggest complaint with being a "grown up" (besides the obvious ones) is that I make enough money to but myself pretty much what I want when I want it (within reason of course). This makes me impossible to shop for. I know this. If I didn't know this I would still be aware of it bc of my family, friends and husband constantly reminding me.
That said I want Uggs. (even though I have 6 pairs and have given 2 pairs away this year)
Tacori monogram ring
2 framed pictures from Z Gallerie
Magazine subscriptions
Your Shape wii game
Custom birdhouse for my yard
TB Jellies
Angel perfume
A platinum rope band to add to my wedding set
GATOR stuff
dining room table & chairs
a truck load of wal mart candles
Mostly I would like to wake up on Christmas morning 8lbs lighter...

Andhari said...

I want blackberry onyx.

Which is impossible now cuz I just bought a new bb. :/ aside of that, I want lots of shopping sprees :)

Southern Belle Fashionista said...

I purposely didn't purchase a few items this Fall season, so I would be able to ask for them for Christmas!
-Michael Kors tortoise shell watch
-North Face venture jacket
-gold glitter clutch from J Crew

That is all I could come up with for now!!!

KJ said...

Just came across your blog- its adorable! Will be tuning in more. :)
Way to score some amazing deals!
Things on my list... love leggings, Michele watch bands, long neclaces from J. Crew, Coco Chanel perfume are a few things on my list.

Kristin said...

Hmmmmmm. This is generic but I'm always a happy girl with a Starbucks gift card. Also, I wouldn't mind finding an SLR and piece of Wendy B jewelry under my tree!

Kassie said...

I'm so the same way! My family and I have kind of gotten to the point where if we wanted it, we would have bought it during the year. lol. That maybe'll change when my bro and I "grow" up and have kids, but for now we go minimal and just go on trips and such. I didn't ask for anything this year at all though!! And I really hope I don't get anything. My parents have been too nice with buying me grad gifts and a plane ticket for my friend's new hampshire wedding (which is the day after christmas, ugh!) :)

Megs said...

have you looked at i loove their clothes! that is what i'm asking for! anything from mod cloth :) well, i actually made a wishlist and sent it to my husband.

i love the cardi from AE. so cute!

some good books:

water for elephants (can't remember the author)

last song - nicolas sparks

the book thief - markus zusak


Sole Matters said...

VISA GIFT CARD! that way you can get WHATEVER you want! =)

Blackeyed_Susan said...

I'm the same way about gifts. I wish I wasn't so critical but I just can't help it! I like the idea of the Visa gift card, definitely can't go wrong with that!

Christy said...

Girl I totally know what you mean about Christmas lists - Kevin has been asking me for one for a while now. ...Love the clothes- all super cute & fun!!

Mindy said...

Haha! That's pretty much how I feel. Our family has never really been big on gift giving anyway.
Gift certificates are always good, right? ;) I'm not much help!

P.S.- I hope I'm on the nice list!

Trina said...

I asked my mom for the Urban Decay Book of Shadows (bonus: it comes in a peacock feather box!)

I want these Seychelles Women's Dos I Do Booties BUT they are way too much for me to spend. I found a knockoff but they OF COURSE don't have the size I need anywhere. I looked and looked. I'm really hard to buy for too.

Mrs. Smith said...

i'm close to the same this year. i did ask for an oversized black watch, a rachel zoe book, skinny bitch, and photoshop. i realize that last one is strange, but you want what you want, right?

Wearing Mascara said...

I can TOTALLY relate to this. For most people, gift giving is like, "what do you WANT." For me, I'm like... well, I don't NEED this.. I could wait to get a better deal later. I almost treat it like money. If I get a gift I won't use or is too expensive, I feel like I am wasting money (even though I'm not the one spending). Ya know? Ugh. It's annoying and tiring sometimes.

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