Wednesday, November 18, 2009


First off, the sleep gods have cursed me again. Grr. *Shakes fist at universe.* All I want is to sleep past 6 AM. I'm sure that tomorrow, when my dad has surgery at the crack of dawn, I will be tired enough to sleep till... 8 AM. Figures.

Ok, I had something more interesting to post about but then I got a wee bit irritated.

Have you all heard about "vanity sizing?" It's the practice of retailers sizing their merchandise such that you wear a smaller size than you normally do. For example, if I'm a size Small and at a certain store I always seem to end up in an Extra-Small, that store is using "vanity sizing."

Are you with me?

So, in my opinion, Old Navy is one of the WORST at vanity sizing. Their sizes seem so inconsistent that I usually grab 2-3 of each item when I head to the fitting room - just in case.

Some of their stuff shrinks like crazy, and some doesn't shrink at all. It's crazy.

Either way, I just wanted to say I bought this cute Satin-Trimmed Cardi on Sunday and it's in a color that so un-Sarah-like. I wanted the raspberry color but they didn't have it in an XS.... which is never my size, but apparently is at Old Navy.

After I bought it, I saw it styled on a couple of blogs with a cute, skinny leather belt around the waist. So I went on the hunt for a thin waist belt.

I have tried on probably 15 different styles from different stores - and they're all HUGE around my waist. None of them will stay "up" - they all fall down and are too baggy.

Now, my friends told me that it was because I'm "too skinny" - but I so disagree. First off, I'd guess that 2 of them have a smaller waist than I do. Second - I'm thin, don't get me wrong, but there are masses of high schoolers and other women who are much smaller than I am.

So I went to my closet. I know I had some belts that my mom had purchased with suits she wore in the '80s at her first job out of college. I got them out and tried them on - they barely went around my waist. I can wear them over a t-shirt or a thin sweater, but nothing more.

Clearly, we Americans have gotten a lot fatter, considering the difference in the sizing of belts.

And it's really surprising how much heavier I am than my mother was at my age - I was shocked. Must be all those processed foods and high fructose corn syrup!

So have you noticed vanity sizing? Do you have clothes in a wide range of sizes? What is up with that?

Happy Wednesday!

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Sarah said...

I've never noticed vanity sizing so much as some stores size down a lot. I might not be stick thin, but there is no way I am a large in some stores! Vanity sizing might be nice, though!

PS- Cute sweater!

Whitney said...

I agree!! In every store I have to decide between the XS and S... and between 0-2 in jeans, or 26 and 27... and in coats between a 2-4... SO ANNOYING! I wish everything was size the same!

MLC84 said...

I've noticed it both at the Gap and Old Navy, which are under the same corporation.

Lynn said...

I have the exact same issue with Old Navy!! I'm very tall with lots of boobage and never fit into anything in a size S anywhere but Old Navy.

Megan said...

I have totally noticed the vanity sizing and its annoying because I am a different size everywhere I go. Size really doesn't mean much these days, every store has their own sizing and it bothers me. I have also had trouble finding a skinny belt, if you find one that works in a store let me know!

Anonymous said...

Old Navy IS the worst! It's not been such an issue the past few seasons since tops have been longer on purpose, but for years I couldn't wear any of their shirts because they were too short and too wide. But I do still take everything from a 2-6 to the dressing room, and it's always a toss-up if I'm an XS or a M there.

But I don't think it's all that weird that you're bigger than your mom! Yes, plenty of people are fat, but I am talking about us skinny people. I outgrew my mom's wedding dress when I was 16, and I'm tiny, too! And my mom couldn't fit into her mom's wedding dress after she was 14 or so. I think it's just genes changing, adding that dad and whatever genes he has on his side.

PinkSass said...

Old Navy is the worst. I also buy a few sizes and then take back.

Southern Belle said...

I have just gotten accustomed to wearing a diff size everywhere I go. I can wear anything from a 4-8 depending on the store. so, I have to try everything on which is a pain.

Anonymous said...

NY&Co is also pretty bad. I'm usually an 8 or 10, but there I am a 6. That's a big difference! I'm usually a M in tops because I have broad shoulders, but in ON & NY&Co, I'm a Small. Weird!

Confessions Of A Domestic Goddess said...

Old Navy is the worst....I always take three sizes back with me. They cut everything really wide. I don't like vanity sizing because I think it puts a lot of people into denial.


Kassie said...

Old Navy is the WORST with this. I hate that sizing means nothing anymore. When I go to ON I have to bring everything in the room with me, and I usually end up being an XXS--something I am NOT in normal life!! :)

And I agree with you about girls being bigger these days. My mom is a few inches taller than me, and she showed me her "pregnancy" book once--I'm heavier now than she was almost 6 months pregnant! Crazy. It's all that stuff in our foods these days.

Anonymous said...

YES! Vanity sizing pisses me off. No one is a size 00. It's a made-up number meant to flatter consumers. Most of my returns from online retailers is due to vanity sizing, so I'm definitely not a fan.

My mother was ~100 lbs when she had me. I think I first got into triple-digit weight in high school :P We just have to actively try to eat healthier and to get more exercise. It's amazing how many products have high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and other bad things in them nowadays!

Anonymous said...

You know, I haven't really noticed vanity sizing much. I am usually a size small/2 in nearly every store...except H&M, where I am an 8!?!? I love their cheap & chic dresses but seriously the sizing is messed up. I mean, who is wearing a size 4 at H&M? Fifth graders?

I think that Old Navy sweater is so cute. I need one! And it would look fab with a belt...I have the best luck buying those kind of accessories from Love 21/Forever 21 or H&M. If I remember, they have a lot of skinny belts meant to cinch around your waist.

Blackeyed_Susan said...

haha! I got the same sweater on saturday! And I also got an adjustable skinny belt. It has the holes and all in the front like a normal belt but in the back you can pull it and it will become bigger or smaller, I love it! If you want a pic of it just email me but here is a link to the belt.

I saw they have others that are adjustable at the back but that is the one I got! I'm a tad obsessed with gold anything haha

Heidi said...

Very cute sweater! Totally makes me want to go to Old Navy, even if the sizing is off!

Anonymous said...

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etta said...

I've noticed that with Old Navy. That dress I got last week? I tried on one in my size, grabbed the color I wanted, and left. The one I got is TOO SMALL! I got a shirt in the same size and it's a little too big.

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