Tuesday, November 17, 2009


My real-life BFFs and I are obsessing about Twilight. 3 of the 4 of us read the books. We sometimes insert Twilight phrases into our conversations.

Basically, we are 23-year-old (actually, I guess I'm the only one who's 23 - they're all 22) high-schoolers. And we're OK with it.

It was decided this past weekend that we need t-shirts to wear to Thursday night's premiere. But after perusing the $30 t-shirts at Hot Topic (I didn't go in, some of my friends did), we decided it was time to DIY.

And since I'm probably the craftiest of the group... off I went.

Goal: super-cheap t-shirts.

Answer: Haynes Men's V-Necks, 5 pack, under $10.

So we have decided that there will be 2 Team Edward and 2 Team Jacob t-shirts... not that any of us are really Team Jacob.... but we need the balance, plus it'll be a cute picture.

This is the Team Edward tee. We're using the crest on the right on the front of the tee and putting "Cullen" on the back like a baseball tee. I used permanent market on the collar to make it blue (classy, I know - but it works!).

This is the Team Jacob tee - with the wolf boys' tattoo, upside down. I didn't notice when I was taking the picture.

The question is - should I use iron-on transfers or should I just put the symbol underneath the tee and trace it on there myself - either with permanent marker or paint? Hmm... I can't decide. Transfers would definitely be faster!

The only downside to all this excitement on Thursday at midnight.... is that my dad is having surgery that day. It's a routine surgery and shouldn't be anything too big to worry about - but still.... I'm going to be at the hospital all day and then I have to bring him home and run out to the movie.

So I should post tomorrow and Thursday, but if I don't - just know that I'm busy busy busy...

So who else is excited about New Moon?! Anybody besides Megan and PinkSass? (Oh yes Megan, I did just insert you into the #TwilightPosse - hahahahahahaha!)

Any Twilight haters out there? I'm not really sure we have much in common but feel free to tell me why you're too cool for teenage vampires and werewolves... so I can laugh at you (kidding!).

Happy Tuesday!

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19 Classy Comments:

Anonymous said...

Love this, so fun, the t-shirts will be fabulous! I'm soooo excited about New Moon, I can hardly wait!

Sonja said...

LOVE this!!! I can NOT wait until Saturday!! I'll be stuck in a car for 12 hours on Friday :(

Can't wait to see pics!! Have fun girly!!! :)

Maria said...

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Maria said...

I got into Twilight really late (a couple of months ago) and read the first 2 books really quickly but decided I needed a small break for 3 and 4. Then I got into True Blood, which I highly recommend for anyone. I didnt want to like Twilight at first cause vampires gross me out and I had the same issue with True Blood, but it is soooooooooooo good!!!!

PinkSass said...

#TwilightPosse for life!

Jackie said...

I am going to see it Friday after Miss Mindless' New Moon party! And I am totally Team Jacob!

Mrs.Espo said...

AWWW LOVE THIS!! I am a NEWLY 24 year old who LOVES them...well...you know that by my tweets with you! :)

Mrs. Smith said...

i'm so flippin excited for new moon i get a little teary eyed with the commercials. only this week. that's weird, right?

julie and jon said...

I'm so excited for New Moon too! And I love the shirts! I would use a transfer to make it easier on yourself....cute idea!

Erin Elizabeth said...

My BFF and I are fellow 23 year-old highschool, Twilight-junkies!

I cannot wait for New Moon this weekend, and LOVE your shirts!

MLC84 said...

I'm 25 & my sister is 22 and we are going to the midnight showing on Thursday :-) I wanted to make t-shirts too but I have no time. So we're going in comfy clothes since the movie starts at 12:45am which is way past this woman's bedtime.

Southern Belle said...

ooh add me to #twilightposse too! i am trying to buy tix right now for this weekend. except i'm team edward=)

Whitney said...

Love the shirts your making! :) Make me one too? ...pretty please! ;)

AHHHH! I cannot wait to see it. Edward looks SO hot in the previews! And how much better does the movie quality look? AHHHH! DYING!!

Team Edward!!!!!

Andhari said...

All these twilight haters in twitter and blogosphere annoy me to hell. I mean if they feel too cool for twilight then shut the eff up.

LOL too emotional? :D

can;t wait for twilight too!:) Your Thursday is My friday but I'mma watch on Saturday :D

Confessions Of A Domestic Goddess said...

Love it!! I'm so excited about New Moon!! You and Pink Sass are definitely not alone!

Becky said...

Ahhhh! I can't hardly stand the wait! Me and Bonnie are going to go see it next week together when we are both home...use the iron on transfers. I need a "future" Edward Cullen t-shirt to wear for Connor...LOL! With an arrow pointing to my belly...totally need that!

Heather said...

The iron on transfers will save you a whole lot of time since you are going to be super busy!

I'm super excited for New Moon! I'm not going to see the midnight showing though, I'm not that hardcore...have fun!

Cole said...

Transfers are the way to go!

And I can't wait for New Moon!!!! My posse goes on Saturday night. :-)

etta said...

Cute! I didn't notice a lot of silly shirts, but I went on Friday night.

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